uThermal joins TeamLiquid on starcitizenhelp

The IEM: Shanghai Champion has been confirmed as TeamLiquid’s new player.

TeamLiquid founder Victor Goosens recently tweeted that the team was out to score another starcraft player to their roster. Speculation suggested it was going to be a toss-up between neeb and uThermal and it appears that speculation was correct, yesterday TL posted an article announcing uThermal, the IEM Shanghai champion as the newest member of their starcraft lineup.

Marc ‘uThermal’ Schlappi is very near to gaining a spot to compete at Blizzcon and with only one more WCS tournament left in 2016 will be hoping that he can keep his momentum after signing to TeamLiquid and allow him to reach the peak of Starcraft 2 competitions. 

TeamLiquid have posted an interview with uThermal about how he is settling in with TeamLiquid and reflections on how he feels his year has gone. The full article can be read here.


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Thank you for voting!

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