This is What FPS Looks Like in Star Citizen

This is What FPS Looks Like in Star Citizen

I like to think there are two kinds of people, the engineers and mechanics who can build a race car. then there’s the race car drivers.  some developers just cant play the game they created as well.Whatever you say does not change the fact that this video does not show what the FPS looks like. There is no current video of the FPS available and it has been “delayed/canceled” for almost 2 years now. They promised it again for Gamescon, then CitizenCon and now no one knows any more since all these lies are just getting confusing even for the most hardcore cult members.

The reason many people still find CS in general entertaining is because even though the game offers the same thing it has done for 15 years, the base game is still interesting and has a huge skill cap, like many other competitive games. With your logic, Starcraft, Dota, League, and various other games would be dead and gone because they also offer the same content since their inception.

I like games with good guns like wolfenstein the new order. They have the most badass guns in any game. Star Citizen has one of the best graphics of any futuristic game. I think the guns from Star Citizen are just or almost as good as wolfenstein guns.

I’m thinking that because elite dangerous and star citizen are at opposite ends of the system, elite dangerous with no walking around or advanced flight systems like SC but with a big universe, SC with the basics done but with a small space to play in. So if they were put together it would be perfect. But in the real world things like that don’t work for the reasons you mentioned.


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