Start Here Star Citizen – New Player Guide

Start Here Star Citizen – New Player Guide

According to the Forums, a lot of Ships got changes severely from their stat-pages, for example the Freelancer and Constellation seems to have much weaker weapons on their turrets (unmanned ones on Freelancer) than what they’ve been described to have and the Herald doesnt seem to have any relation to the statpage.

This guide was very useful. I downloaded the game and got into the open universe on my own. But had no idea about the controls so i crashed my ship a couple of times, never figured how to get the jump points up or how to jump xD, Also i didnt figure how to control my guns away from center of screen so i could only fire straight forward.

So all I need to purchase this game is $45? Once I saw the $15,000 completionist package (plus just the fact that there even are packages) I flipped out, thinking that if I ever crashed my ship I’d have to get another $45 to buy a new ship. So everything in the $15,000 package can be acquired for free in game?

I have got a question concerning the hud. In other videos, including some of yours, I have seen a helmet interface that displays information like shield status and weapon grouping that moves around with you as you move your head. For some reason I don’t have that in my super hornet and I just could not find where to turn it on. Would you happen to know how I can do that?

You can earn REC now? Someone should tell CIG that. 2.6.1 feature – REC doesn’t transfer from AC. I’m sure it’ll get fixed in 2.6.2 or sooner – meanwhile – can’t re rent for discount and losing all rented items. Maybe you could use your influences to encourage them to throw out some REC while this is happening or freezing REC assets from what they were at release of 2.6.1 or something. I understand bugs happen – but a bug like this – IDK – I’d think they could help compensate/prevent our losses through it. When my M7 goes – I go to Elite Dangerous or maybe try out Hellion until that’s fixed and I can brace myself to grind for the REC again. Glad that situations like this don’t happen often – and i wouldn’t care if the default ship fits were worth a toss.

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