Star Citizen Team Gives Update On Regional Servers

Star Citizen Team Gives Update On Regional Servers

The team behind Star Citizen are arguably among the busiest of all video game developers. Mainly because Star Citizen aims to be one of the biggest, and most complete video games of all time. Add that to the massive success of their ongoing crowdfunding campaign, and they now have a lot of people to satisfy. On that note, they gave an update yesterday about how the game was progressing, mainly on the alpha and server front.

First and foremost, they noted that all teams are working on the upcoming Alpha 2.6.1 patch, which they also say is going well. They’re honest in saying there are some issues that still need fixing, mainly stability problems and UI issues. However, they still feel confident that they’ll be on schedule, and will have this patch in the hands of players soon.

Which brings us to the announcement that they’re ahead of schedule in regards to the Regional Servers. They’re so far ahead that they’ll be bringing them to the 2.6.1 patch. Through this, players will be able to choose a server that’s closest to them, and thus give them a better connection and service. And for the Star Citizen team, it’ll allow them the time to test and see if another regional server is needed.

Star Citizen Team Gives Update On Regional Servers

The Star Citizen team thanks you the fans for their continued support, as well as coming to see them at shows like PAX South. In fact, they’re so touched, they made a new video series called Citizens of the Stars, which focuses on you the fans and why you’re a huge part of what has made the game a success. It’s available on the site for viewing.

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