Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse 2.10 - UK

Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse 2.10 – UK

Procedurally spawned, I think yes. Actually procedurally generated? Absolutely not 😛 You need very specific sounds for very specific things… But the engine does change sound parameters of course such as pitch, bass, etc. depending on proximity; as any AAA-game pretty much does for authenticity.

As I understand from their explanation of it, they’re trying to design their sound controllers to act dynamically with any of their assets in the game so they don’t have to manually adjust all of the audio for countless planets. For example, buildings, vehicles, etc, may all have sound cues attached to them so that when they are exposed to different environments like sandstorms, rain, wind, on whatever planet, it will automatically play and model it to the situation.

It’s going to very interesting to see the Redeemer once they’re done. I followed TNGS during the contest, and while the Redeemer was not my favorite, it IS a very good looking and interesting design. One thing I’ve noticed, in videos and forum comments, is that a lot of people don’t know what those round things on the hull, behind the cockpit, are supposed to be the shield generators. I hope that the Redeemer doesn’t lose that detail.


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