Star Citizen might have competition with this new game

Star Citizen might have competition with this new game

The only competition Star Citizen really has is the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda at this point, and Elite Dangerous perhaps in the long run as it populates its universe with more and more features and game content assets.

But not this game and definitely not NMS. I think this is a nice indie game, but let’s look at game budgets too. Its like saying Kerbals Space Program is a threat to Star Citizen in any way shape or form. Not in the same league.

For every person who complains that all they do is work on new ships, there’s another person who complains that all they do is work on planetary tech. And for all who say that there are many more who complain that all they talk about is guns, or item 2.0, or economies, or whatever. But the fact that everybody always seems to have their own thing “is all they are working on” makes it pretty clear that they are focusing equally heavy on all of the key components.

In case you were not being sarcastic; they are still working on the modules and components, the puzzles are taking shape and some are near completion, but until that puzzle is 90% together, whatever it is we play is a far cry from how the game will look and feel. 3.0 will be like looking a thumbnail of the completed puzzle; it’s a taste of what you’re going to get and until then, judgement is purely skeptical.

What is it with 90% of all these gameplay videos where the players constantly act like 10 year olds and can’t figure out basic things like, “oh I an open hatches to find stuff! Let’s walk past 20 lockers without opening them, constantly ranting that ‘I need to find gear’…” “Oh look, a warp cell, wonder if I by any chance should pick these up and insert them in the holes, shaped like the cells by the warp engine”.

are you talking about SC or hellion? cause i saw planets in SC, not in hellion for now. i am sceptical about hellion cause it seems more like a game trying to jump on the banwagon of SC for some quick easy cash, and i don’t see the actual fun in the game yet. sure it is impressive but impressive dosen’t mean fun. changing each individual components of a ship every minute to keep it flying is not fun IMO.

Absolutely Epic i’m playing star citizen since day one pre alpha and we havent reached that realism yet! im one of the few Idris funders as well so i know what i want from a Space Game like this and this Devs do it the right way ! All this without a multimillion Dollar funding in the back hat off Inspirational! Im not gona miss this Gem for sure! Im wondering what the Glowing planet in the vicinity means maybe our goal to go to and find out what happened there ?

Samnite2142 I understand that completely, and probably should have used a different term than ‘higher level’. By that, I meant they were two games reaching for two very different endings all together.

One game, SC, is reaching for an over arching space sim, with MMO elements such as ‘quests’ (for lack of a better word), as well as an over arching campaign. The other game, Hellion, is reaching solely for, from my understanding, solely a survival and PvP style of gameplay with no over arching campaign, and no other main objective other than expanding a base and killing others.

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