Star Citizen: Constellation Aquila - Spacedock

Star Citizen: Constellation Aquila – Spacedock

.I have a Cat and a Carrack, I know all the chatter. Still, exploration will be rudimentary at best in 3.0. I still stand by the idris as a great choice for a vid, certainly we will be seeing some wonderful things on that very soon. Also, there is allot out there right now.

Although I don’t have the slightest clue on why did Protogen have any interest in the CIC, to commemorate the losses of the Martian Congressional Republic, I think you should make a showcase of the MCRN Donnager or the Donnager class. Long live Mars!

But by that they would have dramatically decreased the offensive and defensive potential of Mars, and shortened the war, That might have been in the interest of the admirals who started the blockade of mars, but notin the interest of Mao and Dresden who wanted an undisturbed view on the horrors on Eros. A short and decisive battle would have made the chaos shorter.

Also, are Anubis class (guessing) ships so disposable? Launching six at a battleship from a far at full burn to make things nice and visible just in case they can disable the PDCs (6 tubes of flagshipbuster per ship, 36 total, maybe even insufficient against a cruiser without the element of surprise, and unless they have blueprints of the class – with the usual redundancy in mind – railguns are unlikely to do significant damage) and board with an inferior number of marines against the cutting edge martian Goliath V powered armour? Dresden was a sociopath, but not stupid!

There sure is. Three bulkheads. bridge to crew habitation, crew habitation to cargo hold, finally cargo hold to engineering/snub fighter access. It’s a fun ship in the mini persistent universe when you have 3 of your buddies with you and nobody can touch you.

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