Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Update Provides Access to GrimHex Outlaw Base

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Update Provides Access to GrimHex Outlaw Base

Star Citizen, the much-awaited space game from Wing Commander’s designer Chris Roberts, will have alpha 2.5 update, according Star Citizen Newsletter. Players will be able to explore the Grim HEX outlaw base, fly the community-selected Reliant and try out the brand new Argo shuttle in the upcoming update.

The game has hit a milestone as the biggest crowdfunding video game in the history with about $117,320,000 funded by over 1.4 million backers through both the RSI website and Kickstarter and is still growing at a substantial rate. The crowdfunding began in 2012, and though we’re 4 years later now, I still think we’re I that range. That leads in to the main criticism of the game, that Chris Roberts is delaying Star Citizen endlessly due to feature creep. More and more modules are being added in the game as the time goes go which could make the final product bloated or delay it forever.

Some gamers said that they have kind of lost interest after many delays and some frustrated backers even asked for refunds. There is no confirmed release date for the upcoming update. It seems that Cloud Imperium Games is gearing up to present recent milestones around GamesCom (AUGST 17th) and their own game conference, so I’d expect any announcement regarding content schedule to be made then.

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