Warmane Guides:Where is Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley is identified in southeastern Outland, east of Terokkar Forest. It is actually the place on the Black Temple (exactly where Illidan Stormrage resides), as well as homes a dwarven settlement named immediately after (and led by) Kurdran Wildhammer, as well because the prison where Illidan’s former jailor, Maiev Shadowsong, is held captive. It is actually one of the darkest, bleakest and most feel-affected regions within the Warcraft-universe, second only to Argus. The sky is normally black and ghastly yellow lightened up by the never-ceasing rain of infernals.


Shadowmoon Valley was as soon as a lush moor engulfed in the eternal evening and lit by Draenor’s two moons. This gave the complete land a relaxing, bluish hue that was reflected by its plant life. It was house to the Shadowmoon clan of orcs, a Botani village, and naturally the Draenei’s Temple of Karabor; a function which made the area the spiritual capital of Draenei society. Though none with the races had particularly strong relations, they shared the valley peacefully for centuries; the Draenei tending the herds of Elekk and contemplating the mysteries in the Light, the Botanic tending for the natural globe, along with the orcs charting the stars and practicing their shamanistic and runic magic.

There are a total of three rare spawns located in Shadowmoon Valley. All three of them are necessary for the Bloody Rare Achievement. NPCScan Overlay is fairly close with all of their patrol places, I did tweak the map a bit below nevertheless to create it a bit far more precise.

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Path of exile 3.1 Top-Best Build for Templar

The Templar represents Strength and Intelligence and fights with staves and wands. He can develop into a spellcaster or use elemental damage to carry out melee attacks. The Templar’s Ascendancy classes are Inquisitor, Hierophant, and Guardian. Now Poecurrencybuy will share Top-Best Path of exile 3.1 Build for Templar.


[Poe 3.1] Bashtart’s Freezing Spark BV Inquisitor * farming like a God

The offense is the finest defense. The synergy involving high crits and sparks everywhere outcomes in freezing mobs all over the map. We make a shield of freezing flashes about us that is healing us with each hit. We freeze nearly almost everything before it even hit us. That tends to make this build very protected, secure, fast and entertaining to play!

The offense is based on Invetiable Judgement (crits ignore enemies resistances). The most effective solution to scale the harm is with crit chance & multiplier, spell, and elemental damage. Different sources of conversion are used to deal with Spark & BV mainly elemental harm (lightning and cold).

The defense is primarily based on many layers. Our first line of defense may be the cold damage of spark which freezes most trash mobs ahead of they even can hit us. If crowds don’t get frozen and they try to catch us, we use many mechanics to avoid the harm (evasion, dodge & block).
If those layers fail and we get hit we use different sources of damage mitigation to avoid one-shots(arctic armor, enfeeble, mind more than matter.). We use inquisitor ascendancy for crazy life, mana and energy shield regeneration with the new leech. The Arakaali pantheon boosted all sources of growth gain when a dot effect ended. Blood rage applies a physical dot effect to us and when we get hit Cwdt procs immortal call what actives the Arakawa pantheon.

+ top rated tier clear speed
+ higher single target DPS with BV
+ very secure mapping (all mods are possible except ELE reflection)
+ viable for level 100
+ easy, speedy and entertaining to play
+ swift movement speed

– can’t Facetank all the things
– no regen maps can be annoying

Read This Build Detail
[Poe 3.1] Glacial Cascade Totem Inquisitor [ALL Content in the Game!]

New threshold jewel for Glacial Cascade is not required. The build functions fine as is.
Skill Tree changed to reflect some changes in Mind More than Matter. We now pick up more mana nodes (Witch/Shadow) and drop generic totem nodes near Witch.
Leveling section added with gem links and leveling trees. Use Elemental Weakness while leveling before ascending!
Pantheon section updated. Added a mention of long fights to switch to a Life Flask with Curse Removal and switch to the Ryslatha Pantheon.
Controlled Destruction more than Increased Crit Strikes in the main harm setup if Glacial Cascade is ~33% chance to crit in the hideout with Controlled Destruction linked!
Gem Quality priority section added in “Gems and Links” for the SSF people of the world.
Added Blood Magic as a support for the movement ability – this helps with situations where mana is getting drained.
Added more “Tips and Tricks”: Playing around the new reflect, Movement abilities, Elder/Shaper items, etc.

Gear section overhaul! Added Elder/Shaper item comments.
Flasks. Diamond Flask with Increased Duration and Curse removal. Added alternative for long fights (Life Flask with Curse Removal and switch to the Ryslatha Pantheon)
Belts. Increased Flask Duration added as required for belts also notes about the new Abyss Belt (Stygian Vise).
Boots. Added note about prioritizing Armor/ES over Evasion when using Kaom’s Roots.
Gloves. I now mention Insanity Essence Crafting for min/max.
Jewels. Notes about new Abyss Jewels and Threshold Jewel.

+ Do it all. Any map mod. Any boss. If you want to fill out your atlas and see all the content in the game with one character, then this is a good build play.
+ Safe. Totems by nature are safe because of distance and reflect going to Totems instead of the Templar. On prime of that Glacial Cascade is a massive area of effect spell that freezes.
+ Mind more than Matter. MoM is one of the ideal defensive Keystones and is straightforward to gear.
+ Beginner and League-Starter friendly. Leveling, mapping, and progressing the build feels smooth.
+ Huge Single Target Damage. Ascending into Inquisitor allows us to ignore resistances. Smart swapping of Skill Gems will enable us to stack ?¡ãMore?¡À multipliers. On prime high harm that compares to the strongest builds out there
+ higher map-clearing-speed
+ strong defenses that make the build hardcore-viable
+ cheap and smooth to start a new League
+ great scaling with high-end-gear
+ no League-specific or Legacy-Items needed
+ Great Uber-Lab farmer

– killing the hardest content requires about 3ex investment
– ELE-reflect maps need to be rerolled

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[Poe 3.1] CwC Tendrils by Paige – Easy League Starter – Geared with 30 chaos orb – Insta Clear Screen – T15+

A few notable things are going on with this build that you should be made aware of prior to attempting to play the build and continue tweaking it to suit your tastes. The most important thing is our ascendancy choice which is Inquisitor. Inquisitor gives us Inevitable Judgement which allows us to completely ignore enemies elemental resistances when we deal a critical strike, because of this, we stack critical strike possibility so our spells are doing the most harm they possibly can by ignoring resistances.

We also pick up Instruments of Virtue which is very strong, mainly because we can make use of everything here by casting & then using Whirling Blades to increase our cast speed, we also increase our Whirling Blades speed after we use it the first time, thanks to this ascendancy choice.

The meat of this builds evident speed & AoE damage comes from a brand new unique chest that was released with 3.1.
Impulse’s Broken Heart this has impressive stats, to begin with, then you look at AoE lightning damage it does upon a killing an enemy, and you can see why this thing is such a monster. Often all it takes is a single cast or two, and the explosions set off a chain reaction into killing an entire pack of mobs.

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[Poe 3.1] Titan [Tank, HC, Melee CI, Shaper on 1Link, Guardians, Uber Atziri, 1.7M DPS, All map mods]

This Build is a melee CI tank build for 3.0. It’s a HOWA build that uses Incandescent Heart. It gets about ~11K ES (with Incandescent) or ~13.5K without, with 1.8M DPS with ~10ex worth of gear. Also, you can drop some DPS to build towards Unwavering Stance, in which case you can use Soul of Arakawa (procced by Blood Rage), to reach 8K sustain/sec! Great for running Uber Lab

For budget – I’ve also added an extreme budget char (for ~50c worth of gear) that gets about 700K Shaper DPS and 9K ES. Note that it might be pretty hard to switch to CI, so I recommend getting some life nodes while you level.

This Build is not a good league starter! – After playing a bit of Abyss as this character, it is not a good league starter. Since we rely more on gear than other builds (high ES gear, HOWA/HOTM, Astramentis, Incandescent Heart, Shaper’s Touch, etc.), we are at the mercy of these items being on the market. Since it takes a week or so for these Items to get cheap pricing, the build is not suitable for starting a league on day 1.

For the HC players – I’ve changed this build around so that you can get 12.5K (with Incandescent)/15K ES (without), 55% evade chance and 5K/6K sustain while still rocking a decent 1M DPS. You can drop Grace for Wrath for a DPS gain, but lose 50% possibility to evade. Your choice. Note that I didn’t play it in HC, I can only go by off of what my experience in SC is. Soul of Arakawa version gets more DPS and sustain (as there is no point in running Grace since we take Unwavering Stance), but sacrifices the 50% evade opportunity.

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[Poe 3.1] Frostbreath + Ice Crash – 1 Million Shaper DPS

Start cheap. Use Frostbreath, Lycosidae with Added Cold Damage support to scale damage. Pick up Cold Harm to attacks on as many pieces of gear as you can, Frostbreath doubles it.

+ Not Berserker
+ Non-crit Shattering of Enemies
+ Looks amazing
+ Cheap – with ability to scale
+ Consecrated ground is pretty good, especially with Soul of Arakaali
+ Great Attack Speed – 200%+ attack speed – shield charge zoom zoom
+ No issues with most bosses
+ Breaches and Harbingers are cleared insanely rapid

– Not Berserker
– No Vaal Pact
– Not your billion DPS build for Standard League
– Can’t Facetank anything
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[Poe 3.1] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Inquisitor

Build is still not the greatest in 3.X compared to, say, Glacial Cascade totems, but if you want to run it, you’ll always be able to clear all content! I can’t see myself making more substantial updates to the guide in the foreseeable future.

+ Very high damage. One million single target DPS is achievable without crazy gear. Each and every hit in a regular clearing setup deals >100k damage even with average speed, one-shotting everything without fail.
+ Large area of effect, enough to single entire packs of monsters.
+ Whirling Blades/Shield Charge access + Inquisitor attack speed for zippy clearing.
+ Can do all map mods.
+ Can do all content up to and including Shaper quickly and safely (see videos section).
+ Totems are naturally secure – you reflect immune, don’t have to stand still to deal damage, and have the extreme range (even more extreme for Flameblast because the totem will cast if the edge of a blast centered at its max range will hit a mob).
+ No unique items required or even particularly recommended.
+ Straightforward, hardcore viable, beginner friendly, self-found friendly build. If you’re new to Path of Exile and have any extra questions or don’t follow anything in this guide, PM me and I’ll do my ideal to help!

– Very, very dependent on cast speed due to needing to hit 10 Flameblast stacks ahead of the totem does release. Can feel quite clunky without sufficiently increased cast speed (pretty much anything under 100%).
– Totem playstyle is offputting to many people. Hopefully, I can win a few of you over with this build!

Read This Build Detail
[Poe 3.1] Votto’s Thunder Striker / League STARTER to MASTER in 1 / AC SS 2 Curse Inquisitor

This Build is a Static Strike build that has been under development since the announcement of the War for the Atlas. Finally, after some tweaks, I feel it’s ready to be made public with room for improvement as feedback is given. I will be posting videos during Abyss League, for now, the numbers on PoB tell me it can do all maps except for maybe no regen. 100k Shaper DPS only with GG rares and only on the first component of Static Strike; the explosion adds another 80k total.

+ No required uniques, highly flexible
+ Easy to cap resistances plus good survivability
+ Simple but efficient and strong
+ Not CPU heavy, your frames are safe here

– Improvement, later on, can get expensive, naturally
– Melee build, really melee, you have to hit something in the face, some people are not fond of that
– No life regen maps can be tough

Read This Build Detail

Normally, they’re not worth the problems for reasons that are enough inside the lengthy run. While they’re useful for players who may well know nothing in regards to the game. For one of the most aspect, they’re mastering tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For more Path of exile 3.1 Builds, you’ll be able to stop by Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps if you Invest in Poe Currency order from this article.

Mu Legend Blood Castle The Super fast You Clear Blood Castle, the More Rewards You’ll Get

The iconic time-attack dungeon of MU Legend, Blood Castle, can be a special dungeon that players at Lv. 45 and above can enter in the Space of Duty. The main rewards include Magic Gems and Hero Tokens, however the quicker you clear it inside the 10-minute limit, the much more rewards you may get.

That’s why it is significant to clear Blood Castle as speedy as you possibly can, and most players focus their energy on doing just that to have a lot more rewards. On the other hand, obtaining by way of it promptly is no easy feat when it really is divided into three stages: gate destruction, 9 waves of several monsters as well as the boss Anita.

The More quickly You Clear Blood Castle, the More Rewards You Get
You could enter Blood Castle 2 times a day in the Area of Duty, and also you ought to be Lv. 45 or above to enter. There’s also a time limit of ten minutes, and it’s a time-attack dungeon. The main rewards are mu legend Magic Gems(this can be a currency in MU Legend, it is possible to trade to another player like mu legend zen), Jewels of Bless, Ability Crest Cubes and Hero Tokens, and also the faster you clear the dungeon, the much more rewards you get.

As an example, in the event you total it within 7 minutes from the ten minutes provided, you can get three Compact Magic Gem Pouches and 5 Hero Tokens. In the event you comprehensive it within 1 minute, you might get 7 Massive Magic Gem Pouches, 3 Little Magic Gem Pouches, 11 Hero Tokens, 7 Jewels of Bless and five Talent Crest Cubes.
In other words, the longer it requires you to finish it, the fewer rewards you are going to get. The number of rewards offered is divided into ten stages; 1 for every single minute of the 10-minute time limit. Considering the fact that you can enter two occasions each day, in the event, you can comprehensive it in 1 minute every time, you may get a total of 14 Substantial Mu legend Magic Gem Pouches and six Little Magic Gem Pouches each day. This adds as much as a total of ten,800 Magic Gems, 22 Hero Tokens, 14 Jewels of Bless and 10 Ability Crest Cubes!

Because of the quite a few rewards which you can get in proportion towards the time spent, it’s called one of one of the most fruitful dungeons in MU Legend. Auto Party Matching is offered, but since the rewards adjust according to the time spent, players commonly locate their very own celebration members.

Order 1: Enter and Destroy the Gate
The 10-minute counter begins suitably soon after getting into the dungeon, and the first issue you need to do is head straight across the bridge and destroy the gate. There are actually monsters on the bridge major towards the gate, but to be able to complete it faster, it’s greater to merely ignore them and destroy the gate initially.
To save time, you are able to defeat those monsters as well as the others inside the castle just after destroying the gate. Players who attempt to run Blood Castle for the very first time normally try to defeat the monsters on the bridge first, but it is commonly a waste of time.
If you ignore the monsters, the gate is comparatively effortless to destroy and it doesn’t take long to have inside, so it’s a greater technique.

Order 2: Defeat 9 Monster Waves
After you enter after destroying the gate, there is going to be 9 waves of monsters. Several monsters will come out with each wave, and as a way to save time you might need to gather them all in one particular place. The Dark Lord’s Taunt skill is going to be helpful, and every character’s AOE skills are very significant.
As you destroy monsters, you’ll see Light Crystals drop. When celebration members get close to these crystals, they are going to get many buffs, for instance, increased speed, HP and MP recovery, and all attacks +5. Collect and use them in the course of battle to reduce the time for you to total the dungeon.
White Crystals deal an area attack known as the Rage of God. This attack impacts the entire dungeon and can be useful in defeating monsters as speedily as possible. These types of crystals are most effective when you will find significant hordes of enemies.
Also, when you reach the final wave following defeating the monsters, you will face Pandemonium Auxiliary Commander Dullahan. Dullahan has melee attacks, charges to the front and sends shockwaves. His attacks usually are not robust, but his defense is higher than normal monsters, so it could take longer to defeat him.

Order 3: Defeat the Final Boss, Anita
After you defeat Dullahan, you must destroy the Crystal Coffin exactly where Anita sleeps. After the Crystal Coffin is destroyed, you will meet Anita, the final boss of Blood Castle. Anita’s high HP and potent attacks make him pretty difficult to defeat.
Focusing on wildly attacking to be able to save time may well outcome in death, so you’ll want to evade attacks that could kill you in a single strike. Anita is primarily a melee attacker, but he also has ranged attacks that deal shockwaves, so never let your guard down!
His primary attacks include releasing deadly shockwaves to the front plus a charging attack exactly where he dashes at an angle 3 occasions when slashing. The charge attack is very strong, so you are going to need to watch out for it. The path might be illuminated around the ground within the moments prior to the first charge, so you may dodge it if you act speedily.
The second and third charges kinda triangle from the first charge, and Anita will return to his original place at the end. In order to dodge the charges safely, move behind Anita ahead of the attack begins (or basically get out with the skill’s variety).
Anita’s shockwave attack with his sword is also very effective. For this attack, he rams his sword into the ground and sends out shockwaves. Once again, you are going to have the ability to tell when it is coming for the reason that the ground will emit purple pillars of light within the path of the attack, so it will not be as well tough to dodge. Players who are as well close may have trouble dodging it, so it is recommended to move back when not attacking. Nonetheless, ranged players can dodge the shockwave region and continue to attack.

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The Eat gem Hungry Loop Ring Will probably be add in path of exile 3.1.0

In the uniques Path of exile 3.1.0 showed on our War for the Atlas announcement page, one particular in distinct has caught the community’s eye: The Hungry Loop. We’ve observed lots of members of our community asking for clarification about how this small one of a kind item works, so we need to clear up any confusion.

A fresh Hungry Loop, with no gems fed, looks like this:
To feed it a gem, you need to level that gem to its maximum level inside the ring. Yes, that means it is possible to take a level 19 gem that is definitely prepared to hit 20, socket it, and level it up, along with the ring will consume it.
The Hungry Loop is just not a picky eater, nonetheless, so it ignores gem quality. It also does not like unnaturally high-level gems obtained by means of Corruption. To eat a gem, the gem has to be socketed inside the ring because it reaches max level, even when that gem is an Empower, plus the max level is 3.
The eaten gems obey all the ordinary assistance guidelines, so when the Hungry Loop were to, by way of example, eat two trigger gems, any skills later socketed in it would not work. Be cautious what you feed your Hungry Loop!
When you make the mistake of feeding your Hungry Loop conflicting help gems, you’ll be able to sell your Hungry Loop to a vendor to have the gems back. Not the ring, although. Tearing gems out of a Hungry Loop’s belly tends to be lethal to the Loop.

Poe’re hunting forward to seeing what sort of utilizes you may discover for this ring!

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Start Here Star Citizen – New Player Guide

According to the Forums, a lot of Ships got changes severely from their stat-pages, for example the Freelancer and Constellation seems to have much weaker weapons on their turrets (unmanned ones on Freelancer) than what they’ve been described to have and the Herald doesnt seem to have any relation to the statpage.

This guide was very useful. I downloaded the game and got into the open universe on my own. But had no idea about the controls so i crashed my ship a couple of times, never figured how to get the jump points up or how to jump xD, Also i didnt figure how to control my guns away from center of screen so i could only fire straight forward.

So all I need to purchase this game is $45? Once I saw the $15,000 completionist package (plus just the fact that there even are packages) I flipped out, thinking that if I ever crashed my ship I’d have to get another $45 to buy a new ship. So everything in the $15,000 package can be acquired for free in game?

I have got a question concerning the hud. In other videos, including some of yours, I have seen a helmet interface that displays information like shield status and weapon grouping that moves around with you as you move your head. For some reason I don’t have that in my super hornet and I just could not find where to turn it on. Would you happen to know how I can do that?

You can earn REC now? Someone should tell CIG that. 2.6.1 feature – REC doesn’t transfer from AC. I’m sure it’ll get fixed in 2.6.2 or sooner – meanwhile – can’t re rent for discount and losing all rented items. Maybe you could use your influences to encourage them to throw out some REC while this is happening or freezing REC assets from what they were at release of 2.6.1 or something. I understand bugs happen – but a bug like this – IDK – I’d think they could help compensate/prevent our losses through it. When my M7 goes – I go to Elite Dangerous or maybe try out Hellion until that’s fixed and I can brace myself to grind for the REC again. Glad that situations like this don’t happen often – and i wouldn’t care if the default ship fits were worth a toss.

Star Citizen Regional Servers Coming Sooner

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games announced today that the game’s regional servers feature is coming out sooner than anticipated. Creator Chris Roberts said in a note today that the release of regional servers is being moved up to Alpha 2.6.1.

Regional servers will allow players to choose a server based on their geographic location. The options include North America, Europe, and Australia. This should, in theory at least, provide an optimal connection. “Once these are running, we’ll be able to run more tests to assess whether more locations will be needed,” Roberts said.


Speaking generally about Alpha 2.6.1, Roberts said the patch is “progressing nicely.”

“There’s still some UI work to complete and stability issues to iron out, but, as you can see in our updated production schedule report, we’re almost ready to get this latest patch into the players’ hands,” Roberts said.

Star Citizen has brought in more than $142 million from its massively successful crowdfunding effort. Parts of the game have been made available but the full title is without a release date.

Gamedev – A Flying Spider Needs a Name

I have been following the development probably 2 years before I back, out of all the videos and streams, this stream in particular stands out. The interaction with the stream was on point, the inside look at seeing development in action, the comedy and laid back nature, I could go on and on. The gaming industry needs to see look at this stream and do more of this. This was extremely successful and I look forward to seeing more of this. As far as a name goes I got nothing maybe something along the lines of Ar’thalok. I’m guessing there is more then just one maybe that’s the species name?

We humans have mostly observed them from on high, being that we have not colonized Etos under the Fair Chance Act. The creatures are legendary because the only primary sources on them are from the daring outlaws and poachers that have encountered them on illegal forays to the surface of Etos. The high class, black market purveyors and purchasers of C. etosis chitin call them Etosi Flyers. Most that are familiar with them on a more personal level call them Elephant Skeeters, on account of how they could drain an elephant in one go.

It’s a Gritspitter. Shout out to the Twitch Streamer. But In lore it eats a particular kind of mineral. This mineral when mixed with its stomach acid makes a potent poison which it spits at its prey and enemies.

The Grit is extremely sticky and contains bits of rock. The compound within the rock is a potent numbing agent and once mixed with the stomach acid can be use paralyze/poison its prey from a distance for easy long distance attacks. It’s known to swoop down and grabbing the prey and flying to a high perch to consume its victim.

The stinger also has the unfortunate use of depositing the Gritspitter’s eggs in an unsuspecting victim. The eggs gestation is extremely short once laid and a juvenile gritspitter can emerge from its egg with 1-4 hours after injection in a host body.

Maybe this idea might be used sometime down the road after full release, That way if the developers come up with any other weird creatures in the show, they can be used to create this system. Keep the system secrete and add some extra unknown creatures “insectoids” and make it a future adventure or open mission.

This is probably one of the best show ideas you guys have done. Please do more of these artistic creating happy hour shows rather than you guys playing the game and not really answering questions. This was a great format and it was so good, that I can’t wait to show all of my 3D modeling students this video.

When you create a show like this people want to share it, people love to see things being created before their eyes, to others it’s like a magic show making something like that spider appear out of nothing, from start to finish. Why do you think the Bob Ross shows are so popular as well? Why do people like watching PCs getting built and put together (in real time)? They love seeing the process, what they don’t like is when you quickly fast forward through it all and skim over it.

You don’t have to create one creature or object ever time, you could create a creature spread through multiple happy hours, from start to finish… From concept, to 3D modeling, to rigging, to animation, to texturing, and so on… Heck I could watch a character, creature, or even a ship being 3D modeled throughout multiple happy hours. You could start off where you left off from the last happy hour.

Star Citizen might have competition with this new game

The only competition Star Citizen really has is the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda at this point, and Elite Dangerous perhaps in the long run as it populates its universe with more and more features and game content assets.

But not this game and definitely not NMS. I think this is a nice indie game, but let’s look at game budgets too. Its like saying Kerbals Space Program is a threat to Star Citizen in any way shape or form. Not in the same league.

For every person who complains that all they do is work on new ships, there’s another person who complains that all they do is work on planetary tech. And for all who say that there are many more who complain that all they talk about is guns, or item 2.0, or economies, or whatever. But the fact that everybody always seems to have their own thing “is all they are working on” makes it pretty clear that they are focusing equally heavy on all of the key components.

In case you were not being sarcastic; they are still working on the modules and components, the puzzles are taking shape and some are near completion, but until that puzzle is 90% together, whatever it is we play is a far cry from how the game will look and feel. 3.0 will be like looking a thumbnail of the completed puzzle; it’s a taste of what you’re going to get and until then, judgement is purely skeptical.

What is it with 90% of all these gameplay videos where the players constantly act like 10 year olds and can’t figure out basic things like, “oh I an open hatches to find stuff! Let’s walk past 20 lockers without opening them, constantly ranting that ‘I need to find gear’…” “Oh look, a warp cell, wonder if I by any chance should pick these up and insert them in the holes, shaped like the cells by the warp engine”.

are you talking about SC or hellion? cause i saw planets in SC, not in hellion for now. i am sceptical about hellion cause it seems more like a game trying to jump on the banwagon of SC for some quick easy cash, and i don’t see the actual fun in the game yet. sure it is impressive but impressive dosen’t mean fun. changing each individual components of a ship every minute to keep it flying is not fun IMO.

Absolutely Epic i’m playing star citizen since day one pre alpha and we havent reached that realism yet! im one of the few Idris funders as well so i know what i want from a Space Game like this and this Devs do it the right way ! All this without a multimillion Dollar funding in the back hat off Inspirational! Im not gona miss this Gem for sure! Im wondering what the Glowing planet in the vicinity means maybe our goal to go to and find out what happened there ?

Samnite2142 I understand that completely, and probably should have used a different term than ‘higher level’. By that, I meant they were two games reaching for two very different endings all together.

One game, SC, is reaching for an over arching space sim, with MMO elements such as ‘quests’ (for lack of a better word), as well as an over arching campaign. The other game, Hellion, is reaching solely for, from my understanding, solely a survival and PvP style of gameplay with no over arching campaign, and no other main objective other than expanding a base and killing others.

Star Citizen Developer Gives Monthly Round-Up Of News

Star Citizen is one of those gaming titles that have a lot of things going on all at once. It’s a crowdfunded sci-fi title that’ll grant you a massive universe to explore, but also have lots of battle elements, and even several dedicated storylines, including ones featuring legendary actors like Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman via Squardron 42. Because of that, the team like to ensure the fans have a lot of updates talking about what Star Citizen does.

So, the team did a monthly report on their site to show off all the advancements that have happened recently. Starting off the noting of the launch of Alpha Patch 2.6.0, which was a big release for them. They then broke down what happened in January by section of game design.

For example, on the “Engineering” side, the team worked a lot on the character customization screen and mechanics. They also worked on how the map of the game would work, and allow for players to go just about anywhere and have stuff to do. A lot of tinkering was had on this section. On the “Tech Design” side, there was the inclusion of new ships, Item 2.0 support, and prototyping.

Star Citizen Developer Gives Monthly Round-Up Of News

There was much work done on the “Art” side, include many concept art pieces in regards to both armor and ships, as well as key ships getting made in full. More and more clothing and armor will soon be available in game to try out. In “Narrative”, the team is working hard to flesh out missions, as well as continue to work on Squadron 42 and its many aspects. Also, the Xi’an language continues to advance, adding more depth to the culture in the process.

There’s a lot more that went down in Star Citizen recently, for the full briefing from the team, be sure to check out their site. Once you do, let us know what you think of the games advancements, and what you’d like to see from them next.

Star Citizen To Get Aussie Servers In Upcoming 2.6.2 Patch

When a new, online triple-A title is announced, the first question on the lips of Aussie gamers is: Will there be local servers? Previously, the answer was often “no”, but these days many studios and publishers have picked up their hosting game. Now Star Citizen will appease Australasian players, once it finishes its move to Amazon’s backbone.

In a newsletter to players, Chris Roberts talks about the developer’s “goals” for Star Citizen’s 2.6.1 update:

The features in this patch will not only improve the game’s performance and deliver some of the features that were originally planned for 2.6 like the in-game leader boards, message ordering and our new serialized variable system, but also address some of the balance issues now that 2.6 has been in your hands for almost a month.
OK, that’s cool. But its what Robert Space Industries is cooking up for 2.6.2 that will really appeal to local players:

We are also planning on one more small incremental patch, 2.6.2 that will include the MegaMap feature, which allows Players to seamlessly connect to different multiplayer matches or jump into a single player game mode without having to load a level every time. As well as introduce multi region game servers. This was one of our stretch goals and with the move to Amazon’s AWS we are now able to move forward with it which I know will make people in Europe and Australasia happy as 200ms+ pings aren’t fun!
No date is mentioned for 2.6.2, however, going by the schedule for 2.6.1, which is slated for a mid-February release, you may be waiting until March or even April for this change.

Still, it’s nice to know the transition is happening!