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Star Citizen Regional Servers Coming Sooner

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games announced today that the game’s regional servers feature is coming out sooner than anticipated. Creator Chris Roberts said in a note today that the release of regional servers is being moved up to Alpha 2.6.1.

Regional servers will allow players to choose a server based on their geographic location. The options include North America, Europe, and Australia. This should, in theory at least, provide an optimal connection. “Once these are running, we’ll be able to run more tests to assess whether more locations will be needed,” Roberts said.


Speaking generally about Alpha 2.6.1, Roberts said the patch is “progressing nicely.”

“There’s still some UI work to complete and stability issues to iron out, but, as you can see in our updated production schedule report, we’re almost ready to get this latest patch into the players’ hands,” Roberts said.

Star Citizen has brought in more than $142 million from its massively successful crowdfunding effort. Parts of the game have been made available but the full title is without a release date.

BUGSMASHERS: Caterpillar Doors

BUGSMASHERS: Caterpillar Doors

In this episode of Bugsmashers, host Mark Abent shares a problem with the cargo bay doors on the Caterpillar and how it he fixed it.

This post is a transcript of Around the Verse Special Edition: Alien Languages, material that is the intellectual property of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and it’s subsidiaries. INN is a Star Citizen fansite and is not officially affiliated with CIG but we reprint their materials with permission as a service to the community. Enjoy!


Hey, everyone. We’re here inside the Caterpillar and we have a bug where these fun cargo doors sometimes don’t open or they open incorrectly. These doors are special because there’s an interior part and exterior part. So you can think of the interior here and the exterior here, and when you open it, they’re supposed to coincide. When you close it, they’re supposed to go together, however when you look away from the door the exterior opens, but the interior remains where it was until you look at it and then it may start animating or just get stuck.

So, if we open it up, we can see everything looks fine. If I close it and look away, it’ll take a bit. Bam! We can see the exterior door close, but the interior which it should show this metal stuff with Drake on it and all that panels is not closed.

So, the interior, we can actually fly out. The exterior closed, the interior has not. So if I run over here and hit close, you can see it snapped to the close position and now it works correctly.

So, what’s going on? Well, there’s a bit of code that says, “Hey if this thing is visible, we can fire off the animations”.

The idea is it’s some kind of optimization so if there’s a ship way out there, I don’t have to animate it because why take up all those CPU cycles, but unfortunately when we’re inside the ship, the exterior knows that we’re potentially visible so it animates, but the interior when we switch this way, that CGA in the back is not owned by any entity it’s just there, and because of that it doesn’t animate correctly.

Even though it’s attached to the animation of the ship, it’s just called out because it’s like, “well it’s not visible so I shouldn’t have to worry about it”.

So, I have this bit of code in Mannequin, if I enable it, what this will do is it checks to see if this entity has a parent which is going to be the ship and if this door, the interior is enslaved to the exterior and the exterior is visible, then we allow it to animate even though you can’t see it. The idea is if you can see the exterior, then you should potentially see the interior when the door opens and closes.

So what we do is if the owner entity which is going to be the vehicle which is going to be the exterior door is active, but the interior door is not, we’re going to force it to be active. Same thing down here, so we’re forcing the entity to be active and we’re forcing the skeleton to be active. What that will do is, this will allow the entity to do an update call to tell the animation system, “Hey I’m active, so go process my animations,” and this will allow the skeleton to actually function.

So, two updates we have to do. Entity system wanted to say, “Hey, animation, I’m ready”, and the animation system will go, “Yep, I’m ready too”. So, in theory, this should allow if the outer door is ready, the inner door will be forced to be ready so they can open and close together.

So, let’s hit the re-code button and take a look at what happens. OK, re-code is done, let’s start back up the game, alright!

So, we’re back in the level and let’s close the door. Magic door close. We won’t look at it. Wham! It’s closed, as you would expect. Alright, let’s open it again. Let’s not look at it, not look at it, and it’s open!

So, now we’re getting the interior update when the exterior is updating. So if I close this, going into another room, open that door, go to the other room it’s closed correctly and this room should be open correctly.

So, if the interior is not updating, but the exterior is, we say, “Hey! You should be, because we’re updating both” and then they both play the animation, everything works well and you could open and close your doors just by not looking at it. Well, hope you guys enjoyed, till next time! Wew!

So, as you guys saw we had the Caterpillar and it’s just a gigantic long ship and it has all these bay doors in it and you’re supposed to be able to hit one or open one up and brings down the bay door and it’s a little bit of complicated geometry in this setup because we have an exterior mesh for the door and an interior mesh. So there are two doors at the same time that open and close and what was happening is when you’re looking at one of the doors it opened correctly, however, if you looked that way when the doors open, one of the doors would open, but the other would stay intact. It would usually be the exterior door that opened and the interior door when you’re inside, wouldn’t open until you looked at it and then it would start animating, but by then it would be too late, it would be stuck open or stuck closed. You could go around and hitting all the buttons and it wouldn’t move until you looked at it.

It was a simple fix, we just made sure that if the exterior animates, then we force the interior to animate at the same time. So the doors would open close even if you looked the opposite way. Hope you guys enjoyed, until next time.

‘Star Citizen’ Director Teases More Planet Variety Than ‘Star Wars’ While Dissing ‘No Man’s Sky’

‘Star Citizen’ Director Teases More Planet Variety Than ‘Star Wars’ While Dissing ‘No Man’s Sky’

Star Citizen is a controversial and ambitious space exploration epic, and more details about the project’s persistent universe were shared in a Subscriber’s Town Hall clip on Tuesday. In the 30-minute chat, director Chris Roberts made comparisons to Star Wars while implicitly downplaying the locales of No Man’s Sky.

Speaking to variety, Roberts said Star Citizen will make differentiation “one of [its] big focuses.” “You watch Star Wars and you go ‘Okay, yeah, it’s Hoth. It’s the ice-snow planet. And Endor’s the forest moon or whatever.’ And we’re definitely going to have different planets, moons even, that would have those sort of different feels. And in some ways maybe have more of a variety of ecosystems,” he mused.

But these varying environments aren’t just meant to give players something fresh to look at. As stated by persistent universe director Tony Zurovec, new surroundings “directly benefit the types of gameplay that we’ll be able to have the players engage in. Everything from reduced visibility from snowstorms, sleet, fog [and] impaired navigational capability from sources of radiation.” “All of these different types of mechanics come together and allow us to present new and different challenges,” he said.

What this essentially means is that, on particularly hostile planets, the inhabitants of Star Citizen may have to spend some time surviving before they can be rescued by a distress beacon. While unfinished, the loop might involve hunting and gathering until safety arrives. Each circumstance therein is dictated by the variety in planets. Roberts also feels that multi-crew ship concepts will take those experiences even further.

That being said, the director also tried to distance himself from games like No Man’s Sky, which hinged heavily on its universe of 18 quintillion planet-sized planets. “Even though we may not have a billion procedurally generated moons or planets, we’ll have a huge… we’ll have a very large amount of actual planets and moons that have a really well-constructed set of environments and ecosystems that should be challenging and interesting to explore,” he said.

In other words, the goal of Star Citizen isn’t just to offer players lots of places to explore but to also make sure those places are detailed and carefully designed. The apparent lack in environmental beauty remains one of No Man’s Sky’s most critical issues, despite its massive scope. There was no specific name drop in the chat, but it’s clear Roberts wants to let fans know similar mistakes won’t be made.

Ironically, however, it should be noted that some of No Man’s Sky’s staff is currently working on Star Citizen.

The full discussion goes into much greater detail on subjects like server disconnects, quest generation and more. It can be watched at the embedded YouTube link above. Star Citizen remains one of the most funded game projects ever made and has been in development for several years. Its most anticipated module, Squadron 42, is planned for initial release later this year.

Star Citizen’s production schedule made public

Star Citizen’s production schedule made public

The makers of Star Citizen will make their production schedule public in a show of transparency, four years into a $131 million, crowdfunded project which shows no signs of a completion date, much less one by the end of this year.

In a lengthy note to donors, Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts said the schedule for Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 will be shared on a weekly basis with the public. This page breaks out production schedules for the Star Marine and Arena Commander modules; the technology/systems, content and UI teams, and the Mega Map stretch goal, with bullet-point notes on where they stand.

Notably, the production schedule for Squadron 42, the single-player campaign, is not among them. That long anticipated module, originally expected in the fall of 2015, was not even shown at CitizenCon in October. There is no timeline on when the campaign, which stars Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson, will be shown or made available to backers.

Star Citizen’s production schedule made public

“As you know we’ve not been keen to give hard dates on the project after the initial set of dates which we had estimated when the project was a lot smaller in scope,” Roberts wrote. He insisted that any dates he’d given for the completion of a module or the release of a beta were rough guidelines only, “but unfortunately some people often tend to forget the qualifiers and treated my comments nonetheless as a promise.”

At this point in Star Citizen’s development, though, he and a development team of 377 across four internal studios felt it was appropriate to share the schedules with the more than 1.6 million individuals who have given to Star Citizen’s campaign, a record-setter in video games development and crowdfunding as a whole.

“These are the very same schedules we update daily and are circulated internally on our intra-studio hand-offs with a few exceptions,” Roberts said. Individual developer names will be removed for privacy purposes, technical wording will be rewritten to make it understandable to non-developers and the JIRA project tracking details will be omitted. “But otherwise, when something changes, slips or is completed, you will know,” Roberts wrote.

The ambitious, sprawling space epic led by Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander space combat simulation series, has published an alpha (currently version 2.5.0) but the repeated delays of modules and features along the way to that have made some backers restless. Some have demanded and received refunds.

Roberts said sharing deadlines and completion goal dates seemed to divide Star Citizen’s community between one group upset that the game is continually portrayed as delayed, and another that wonders why a date would be shared if developers aren’t solidly assured it is attainable.

“We have taken a lot of flak over the last couple of years for the extending timeline of Star Citizen, but the simple fact is that game development, especially game development on the scale of Star Citizen, is complicated,” Roberts wrote. “If you talk to any developer that works on large titles they will tell you that schedules, especially early in the development cycle, move all the time. Most people never see this because a publisher won’t announce a project publicly until it is very far along; normally at least in Alpha, with all the technology and gameplay R&D completed.”

Star Citizen, of course, has no publisher and was announced with practically nothing built at all, in the form of a $2.1 million Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2012. Its crowdfunding has continued since, largely through the very lucrative sale of in-game spaceships.

My last day in Star Citizen in the free fly event

My last day in Star Citizen in the free fly event

– How the open world space battle will actually look like?

I tried to google it, but could not find any info (maybe there is just I could not find it, in that case please link it here)

The reason why I ask it:
In first place SC grabbed my attention when it was announced since it used to be an open world never seen virtual universe.
Most of us have a vision due to the mentioned description as an epic adventure.
It’s always exciting when an adventure based on challenges, so the free aim space and inland fight system is really my taste. Actually I can not stand tab target games. I already played a few open world, free aim MMO games so I know well that no matter how complex the questing layer will be, how complex contents the world will hold, the fighting ground always will be a cardinal gaming space. If you explore you do it for a reason, the goal probably will have ingame value, so others will try to hunt you down. If you mine, salvage…whatever game content you will play out you always have to prepare for battle.
PK players will lurking around mineable asteroid field
PK players will looking for to board your exploration ship and stole the gathered data
PK players will looking for your salvaging ships cargo
They will try to loot your science ship’s gardens, laboratories…
Loot you if you will try to play out the merchant role
So basically every even act will be spiced with space combat.

If I walk around in the existing space stations I can imagine my upcoming adventures… If I enter the broken satellite to handle the daily mission I exactly smell the atmosphere of SC that I imagined when it grabbed my interest… But when I do “dogfights” the dimension that SC builded up with it’s unique and chiseled atmosphere crashes to parts in a second. There is one exception: when I turn into 3. person view and I do not use “select target” (T) so I do not see the ship computer or the aim compensation circles, the “select” circles around the ships that makes ship painting, real hiding using asteroids, objects makes a non existing content. In first person dogfight view we not just losing these above mentioned super fun contents, but it’s absolutely overwrites the extremely detailed and well done space environment and also ship visuals.

My last day in Star Citizen in the free fly event

In my opinion:
– real hiding mechanics
– matter of ship coloring
– snaking mechanics
all would be super fun and actually a have to in the world of SC known what it will offer and how it fulfill the visuals, the look of it.

Of course, it’s a space mmo, so would be funny to do not have radars BUT! Also would be funny to do not have technical solutions to disable radar signals : )
I can imagine just one radar: the 3D one at our frant monitor, but no target selection circles that light up true objects, no aim helper movement compensation signs, just the front radar that would lose the object if an asteroid covers it out and the pure crosshair. Of course under this system the hitbox of the missiles should be a bit bigger (not too much, but a little bit bigger) Dog fighting arenas still can exist for e-sport lovers as raceing. Yea, I mentioned e-sport, since it’s clear like sky for me, that at the moment we have 2 totally separated concept, 2 totally separated games:

– e-sport games as dogfight arenas and racing
– Star Citizen alpha an upcoming epic open world space adventure with inland and space actions

And I do not even wanna mentioning that dogfight arenas + racing is for joystick users since SC the open world MMO is for classic mouse+keyboard users.

I honestly hope that the dogfight space combat style will be somehow separated from SC the mmo (due to the mentioned above reasons) and it will hold the real atmosphere of Star Citizen and in the same time keeping the free aiming system.

Star Citizen : Free Fly! A Weekend Warrior’s Thoughts

Star Citizen : Free Fly! A Weekend Warrior's Thoughts

Hello all, so I recently joined up for the free fly. I’ve been itching to try Star Citizen since the Free Fly I missed back in July, when I’d only just started really researching the game. Since then I’ve been itching for another try.

Well, now having tried it, I’m going to try and keep the review as brief as I can. There’s a -ton- I want to talk about, but frankly it’s such an early Alpha that I only want to cover ideas and concepts rather than anything to do with performance or bugs.

-Generic missions. I got to try some of the standard leveling up/standard missions, namely repairing uplinks, defending Kareah, and probe quests. They’re acceptable for what they are, but as they are, they lack that feeling of “living, breathing universe” that SC is going for. One of Tessa’s missions for instance involves saving pilots under attack and finding distress beacons, but once you’ve finished them, that’s it, you get the reward and it’s over. If I had to make a major change to these generics, it would be to add a post-quest effect; one of the pilots you save during one of the missions says “thanks, I hope I can pay you back someday” – well, what if she did? If I ever get into another fighting mission further down the line, could I have a generic fighter show up and say “you helped me/my friend out earlier over in [x solar system], let me give you a hand.”

Star Citizen : Free Fly! A Weekend Warrior's Thoughts

-Group questing. One of the things I was noticing when doing uplink and probe missions is that, when more players showed up, more pirates showed up. However, only one person ever got the money from repairing an uplink, even though we all contributed. It’s kind of fun being able to 2-man these, but the second person needs a little credit! We all just fought off our share of pirates, we should all get a cut.

-Uplinks. They’re a nice little generic mission for newcomers to get some quick money off of, but they don’t feel like they fit in the “living, breathing universe” idea. For one, they break down all the time and for no reason; this is obviously because you need to give players something to do, but it is a little silly. I know it’s a minor thing, but I’d prefer if the quest said “pirates have implanted a jammer on our uplink; eliminate it”, and if the quest is left alone long enough, the quest evolves into “pirates have taken over our uplink and shut down our defenses in that area; eliminate the pirates and reactivate our uplink.” Same task, but higher difficulty and better rewards if an uplink is left alone for too long. It also makes more sense than ‘maintenance’. As well, active Uplinks should spawn security, making them difficult to travel to for real pirates; pirate players may want to shut them down so less security shows up?

Minor cases of taste, but in a game as ambitious as Star Citizen, I want to feel like the things I do to at least act like they have an impact.

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Star Citizen: Constellation Aquila – Spacedock

Star Citizen: Constellation Aquila - Spacedock

.I have a Cat and a Carrack, I know all the chatter. Still, exploration will be rudimentary at best in 3.0. I still stand by the idris as a great choice for a vid, certainly we will be seeing some wonderful things on that very soon. Also, there is allot out there right now.

Although I don’t have the slightest clue on why did Protogen have any interest in the CIC, to commemorate the losses of the Martian Congressional Republic, I think you should make a showcase of the MCRN Donnager or the Donnager class. Long live Mars!

But by that they would have dramatically decreased the offensive and defensive potential of Mars, and shortened the war, That might have been in the interest of the admirals who started the blockade of mars, but notin the interest of Mao and Dresden who wanted an undisturbed view on the horrors on Eros. A short and decisive battle would have made the chaos shorter.

Also, are Anubis class (guessing) ships so disposable? Launching six at a battleship from a far at full burn to make things nice and visible just in case they can disable the PDCs (6 tubes of flagshipbuster per ship, 36 total, maybe even insufficient against a cruiser without the element of surprise, and unless they have blueprints of the class – with the usual redundancy in mind – railguns are unlikely to do significant damage) and board with an inferior number of marines against the cutting edge martian Goliath V powered armour? Dresden was a sociopath, but not stupid!

There sure is. Three bulkheads. bridge to crew habitation, crew habitation to cargo hold, finally cargo hold to engineering/snub fighter access. It’s a fun ship in the mini persistent universe when you have 3 of your buddies with you and nobody can touch you.

Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse 2.10 – UK

Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse 2.10 - UK

Procedurally spawned, I think yes. Actually procedurally generated? Absolutely not 😛 You need very specific sounds for very specific things… But the engine does change sound parameters of course such as pitch, bass, etc. depending on proximity; as any AAA-game pretty much does for authenticity.

As I understand from their explanation of it, they’re trying to design their sound controllers to act dynamically with any of their assets in the game so they don’t have to manually adjust all of the audio for countless planets. For example, buildings, vehicles, etc, may all have sound cues attached to them so that when they are exposed to different environments like sandstorms, rain, wind, on whatever planet, it will automatically play and model it to the situation.

It’s going to very interesting to see the Redeemer once they’re done. I followed TNGS during the contest, and while the Redeemer was not my favorite, it IS a very good looking and interesting design. One thing I’ve noticed, in videos and forum comments, is that a lot of people don’t know what those round things on the hull, behind the cockpit, are supposed to be the shield generators. I hope that the Redeemer doesn’t lose that detail.


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