starcitizenhelp – mYinsanity returns to StarCraft II competitive scene

Aknowledging that the retirement of Rain, Sacsri, and Kane, as well as the fact that mYinsanity no longer collaborates with PengWin, induced issues to the team, mYinsanity stated that its StarCraft team is alive and kicking. Aspiring to return even stronger, the organisation announced changes in its StarCraft II roster and management.

The management of the roster is now assigned to Mark “Yogmark” Mejidam, an experienced manager from the Netherlands. As he stated, mYinsanity is to him “the family everyone wants to be a part off” and he is happy to be given the opportunity of joining it as a manager. Adrian “ScooTer” Gerber supported Yogmark in his statement regarding the new roster management, pointing out that his journey with mYinsanity is not yet over. Without giving further details, he mentioned that he will be engaged in the Swiss eSports scene, but “in a different role”.

As far as the roster is concerned, Hydra, RayReign and Intense are leaving and the new StarCraft II team of mYinsanity consists of: 


  • PtitDrogo
  • Serral
  • Smile
  • Winter
  • Blysk
  • Zervas


The organisation prepared us for more coming up in the next few weeks and is definitely prepared to come back stronger.


Do you believe mYinsanity’s new roster can carry itself to the top?


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Thank you for voting!

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