Apart for Star Citizen the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability

Apart for Star Citizen the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability

So I’ve been looking at this game for quite some time and I have to say – this is very ambitious and currently executed gloriously (apart for the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability as if inertia does not exist but I assume this will be changed in the future being Alpha and all). I have a few questions before I commit to pledging since I’ve been looking at the Avenger Stalker.

Apart for Star Citizen the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability
1. From what I’ve read, you have to buy the game itself (or the ship that you want e.g. Avenger Stalker in my case) starting from 49.55Eur and if you want the single player campaign, that’s another 49.55Eur. Is there any package that would be currently available to buy both of them at perhaps a cheaper price?

2. Being Alpha, I read that wipes are a common occurrence and that’s completely understandable. My question is does this happen to your ship modifications that you make down the line? Is everything susceptible to wipes and what do I usually lose? Is there a chance that I would lose everything and start over without the mods, just the base ship that I got with buying the game? Will there be consistent wipes as the game transissions from Alpha to Beta or will there just be one singular timeline where some things get wiped while others stay as they were?

3. Whenever you first access the game, I assume that’s what everyone calls the “Live” servers which is currently 2.5?


Greetings all. I am a noob about to make the plunge and back the game. The latest update has me intrigued enough to jump in….I think. 🙂

Ideally, I am hoping for a free fly event so I can test out thing now that I have done my research a bit more. I participated in the free fly over the summer but jumped in without reading anything and was thoroughly disappointed. I didn’t know I couldn’t fly the hangar ship, I didn’t know about the PU and how to get to it. All I could do is walk around the city and not do anything. But know that I know better (and more) I am really excited to try it out, knowing full on it is still Alpha.

Anyhow, I have done a lot of reading and watching over the past week or so and have a few questions I can’t find the answers to yet. I am hoping someone here might be able to help me.

1. With a $60 pledge to get both SC and SQ42. If I get the Mustang, as the upgrade charge is less (or more credit then the Aurora); how do I go about upgrading to say the Avenger some day? I think it is buy the CCU with real dollars and then upgrade that way.

2. How soon can I do that? Right away or do I have to wait for a token?

3. Speaking of tokens, I understand I won’t get one until after three months but that clock doesn’t start until January since I just missed the October start of the quarter. So I won’t get a token until March. Correct?

4. On the topic of aUEC, it is only good for personal weapons and clothing today. Can I use the money I earn in game to buy real world credits to upgrade ships with or what good is aUEC? Without spending real world dollars how do I upgrade ships and hard points?

5. While I already created an account for the last go round of free fly, I am going to create another account to get the 5000 credit deal. Do I need to worry about my previous account at all, or will it eventually go away. I understand I cannot get the deal on the old account, only on the new account. Is it worth it if aUEC isn’t much of a big deal right now?

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