Zest is the new GSL champion – starcitizenhelp.net

In a spectacular Bo7 Zest claims the title by winning over his teammate TY with 4-2 score

The first season of GSL Legacy of the Void in 2016 concluded today with the final best-of-7 series between two KT Rolster players – Zest and TY. Both players dominated their respective semfinals and gave everyone a great and exciting series, full of action. 

Overall, TY confirmed himself as a serious rival for Zest, displaying superior multitasking and tactical movements in late game – features that allowed him to secure 2 wins. However, Zest outplayed TY in many other aspects of the game and at different stages, denying TY’s attempts to execute cheeky all-ins, and was more consistent throughout the series to take the 4-2 victory.

Zest, therefore, secures the second GSL Code S title, after the first GSL Code S season of 2014, in addition to minor GSL Global Championsip and KeSPA Cup in 2014, and the IEM World Championship on 2015. Thus, Zest becomes the most accomplished protoss in terms of GSL titles, overtaking the legend MC. Moreover, with this victory Zest guarantees himself a spot at Global finals, the conclusion of 2016 WCS season at Blizzcon.


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