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Vesa ‘Welmu’ Hovinen joins Finnish eSports organization ENCE.

ENCE is a Finnish eSports organization, was established in 2013, and this year they’ve attempted to expand and develop in the eSports scene. The CEO of ENCE, Petri Hämälä, had been observing the progress of Welmu and is looking forward to working with the player to provide an environment where he will develop his skills. He states that different organizations have disturbed his career and ECNE, as “the first truly professional eSports gaming organization in Finland” aims to provide the stability Welmu needs to focus on competitive gaming. 

Vesa “Welmu” Hovinen is a Protoss player, also from Finland, who has “been looking for a new team for a while now” and therefore happilly accepted Petri’s offer. Despite coming to Legacy of the Void later than most players and initially having some discouraging results, he kept trying and managed to reach a level he was satisfied with at least. Welmu is now ready to get back to his ambitious plans and his career as a professional player as part of the ENCE organization.

“I’ve been looking for a new team for a while now and when Petri approached me about joining ENCE I knew what I wanted to do. ENCE is most certainly a team that can provide the best enviroment and we both have ambitious expectations. I started playing LotV a little bit behind others and early results were quite disappointing, but now I’m close to my old top shape and with the help of ENCE I will start showing great results again. – Vesa ‘Welmu’ Hovinen said.

We’ve been looking for possible talents in different titles since we launched ENCE back in January. Our mission is to create the first truly professional eSports gaming organization in Finland and now we found the correct player to represent ENCE in the field of StarCraft II. I’ve known Vesa since 2011 and followed his career closely and there have been many setbacks due to different organizations that have disturbed his progress. We will be looking to provide a stable environment where he can improve, focus on the game and be a professional gamer. – Petri Hämälä, CEO of ENCE eSports added.

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