starcitizenhelp | WESG 2016 – African and Middle East qualifiers close tonight

The African and Middle East qualifiers for the World Electronic Sports Games will be closing tonight at 17:00 CET.

Registration for the Africa & Middle East regional qualifiers of the World Electronic Sports Games will be closed on the 12th of August at 17:00 CET. The championship was announced during spring of 2016 by Alisports, a subsidiary of the Chinese internet-giant, Alibaba Group. The regional qualifiers are organised by the world’s finest eSports operators StarLadder and ImbaTV.

eSports fans from this huge region have shown the highest activity in Dota 2. 73 teams from 16 countries have applied to participate in the tournament. CS:GO received a slightly smaller number – 71 teams. The quantity of countries, on the contrary, is bigger, as the representatives of 18 states will be able to prove themselves at the tournament. In the solo disciplines Hearthstone is far ahead, with a total quantity of 156 participants, while StarCraft2 received 42 registrations.

According to the results of the registration the most interest was shown by the following countries: Turkey, RSA and Tunisia. The representatives of these countries have the biggest number of players in each eSports discipline. Representatives of at least twenty-two countries will be present at the World Electronic Sports Games. For those looking to sign up last minute you may do so by following this link.

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