starcitizenhelp – to add an HTML5 Video player, brings faster and smoother streams.

“Our top priority in building an HTML5 video player has been to make sure you can watch the same streams you love in a noticeably smoother package.”

During last years TwitchCon, it was announced that the latest feature to the most popular video game streaming service in the world would be HTML 5.

What is HTML5? The easy¬†answer is the 5th and current standard version of HTML. But to understand why this feature will benefit streaming (and the people who watch streams) a deeper level of understanding is required. For starters, HTML 5 has ideal processing models that would help Twitch perform better on low-powered mobile devices. This and many more state of the art features would allow Twitch to “fine tune” the streaming experience and providing smoother streams for the user.

HTML 5 and Twitch were planned on being released¬†June 30th, but after some delays due to concerns that the final product just wasn’t up to a high enough standard, the release of HTML5 BETA has been pushed back to sometime this month.

If you want to try out HTML 5 for your self, you will have to subscribe to Twitch Turbo, as it is currently the only way to access Beta when it goes live.



Will you test the HTML5 Twitch Beta?


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Thank you for voting!

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