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The DreamHack Zowie Open heads to Valencia with a prize pool of $50,000 for Starcraft 2.

A few days have passed since the announcement of the next venue for Starcraft 2’s WCS circuit. With DreamHack ZOWIE Open Valencia being the destination and a combined prize pool of $50,000 – alongside the grand total of 5000 WCS points up for grab– this next stop on this year’s gigantic WCS circuit is sure to be a an epic show of talent. DreamHack Valencia comes to us from July 14th-16th and the tournament prize pool breakdown is as follows:

1st: $16,000 and 1,000 points
2nd: $8,000 and 700 points
3rd/4th: $5,000 and 450 points
5th-8th: $2,000 and 300 points
9th-16th: $1,000 and 150 points

For the format of the tournament there will be 8 players coming through from online qualification while another 88 will be selected from open signups. From these 96, 32 will be pre-seeded into group stage two while the other 64 (all from the open signups) will battle it out in group stage one – where the top 32 will advance to group stage two. From those in group stage two, the top 32 will advance and compete in a single elimination format stage. The group stages are to be played in a dual tournament BO3 format, the single elimination stage is a BO5 while the grand finals will be a BO7.

The 88 positions available for open signups are to be allocated to those who are eligible to participate in the WCS Circuit events and signup. To sign up or check the rules for eligibility you can go here.

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