starcitizenhelp – Team RevolutioN adds SortOf in the StarCraft II roster

Team RevolutioN has been active in the competitive gaming scene for a while now, with StarCraft II, Metal Gear Online, and Super Smash Bros teams. Their most recent addition to the StarCraft II roster is SortOf, who joins alongside Voltz, Zesty, and Ukko, and was announced on Twitter on June 6th.

Rickard “SortOf” Beckman is a Swedish Zerg player, who has been active in the StarCraft II scene for around 5 years as member of Alliance, Team Property, and Team Infused. He is currently ranked #22 on the WCS Circuit, being one of the top European Zerg players and maintaining consistency as a player.

SortOf expressed his happiness at joining Team RevolutioN, as you can see in his statement below, and he looks forward to practicing more and representing his team in upcoming tournaments. 

”I’m happy to have found a new team, and I’m looking forward to represent Team Revolution in future tournaments. I will continue to practice hard and hope to show good results!”


The Manager of Team RevolutioN, Rezwan “Jehuty” Mostofa, stated that SortOf’s performances have been impressive and he looks forward to his contribution to the organisation. 

“We are really impressed with SortOf’s performances without a team, we look forward to SortOf participating this year under our name and showing some great performances. We look forward to what SortOf can bring to our organisation.”

SortOf is expected to participate in all major European LAN events, including DreamHack Summer in Valencia.


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