starcitizenhelp | Team Liquid is on the hunt for a new StarCraft player

Victor Goossens, the founder and co-owner of Team Liquid twitted¬†that Team Liquid is searching for a new StarCraft player, asking his followers who they would like to see in the team. Grzegorz Komnics, aka MaNa, also member of Team Liquid, added that the organisation “could use some reinforcements to defend the protoss honor”, indicating that a Zerg player is not what the team needs at the moment.

As seen in the replies so far, uThermal appears to be a popular option, as well as Neeb. uThermal is teamless, while Neeb, despite not enrolled in a team, is sponsored by Ting. 


Do you think it’s going to be uThermal or Neeb? Or is Team Liquid going for someone else?

Either uThermal or Neeb

Thank you for voting!

Nah, it will be someone else

Thank you for voting!

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