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Patch 3.6.0: Co-op mode updates and new ‘testing’ ladder added!

Co-op mode updates and new ‘testing’ ladder added.

Blizzard dropped the latest sc2 patch a few days ago. This patch mostly stayed away from competitive play and just a few small adjustments were made. Instead this patch mainly focused on a couple of significant updates to the co-op mode of the game. A new playable commander as well as a new map and mission were launched. The new mission, ‘Mist Opportunities’ takes the players to Bel’shir in order to escort some drones while they collect Terrazine, we are also reunited with Egon Stetmann (from the WoL campaign) and it certainly seems his time away hasn’t been too friendly on him. The new commander, Alarak, adds a new playstyle to the co-op missions. Each commander has a theme to their playstyle, something that connects all their units and powers together and Alarak’s is, well, Alarak. Sacrificing his units to regain life as well as taking lifeforce from his slain foes. Alarak is as brutal as you might imagine the highlord of the Tal’darim would be. 

Alarak, comes with a slight price tag ($4.99 USD) while the new mission comes free of charge and it’s available to play now.

Aside from co-op, the patch saw several bug fixes regarding in-game messaging and errors when displaying player rankings. In terms of ladder play, we see only one tweak to queens, whom now attack as soon as a unit enters their maximum range.

The final addition I’ll mention in this article looks like it will have a significant impact on the future of competitive play’s balance. Blizzard have added a ‘testing’ matchmaker, in this ladder you can search for an unranked 1v1 game as normal but you will be playing using the balance changes that are currently being tested before they are implemented into the full game. This mode allows players to check any possible balance checks, give feedback and in-all should be a practical way to keep the game balanced for all players.

The 3.6.0 patch doesn’t really concern the ladder and the 1v1 aspects of the game all that much, rather leaning towards addressing problems in the other areas of the game. The inclusion of a ladder for testing new balance patches seems the right way to assess any changes Blizzard intend to make in the future.


The full patch notes regarding the new co-op content and testing ladder can be found here.


Do you think that the new testing matchmaker will help Blizzard make better balance changes?


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Thank you for voting!

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