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With sponsorships keeping organizations afloat, Panda Global announced a new partnership today from an unlikely company.

Insurance company, GEICO has started dipping deeper into the esports industry sponsoring Team SoloMid last year and now announcing they will be partnering with Panda Global.
GEICO announced Thursday announcing their partnership with the popular North American organization.

We are thrilled to partner with Panda Global because they are great representatives of the eSports community.

They have invested in their players and we are proud to support that investment.

As former players themselves, Alan and David have built a team that puts the players first. They have invested in their players and we are proud to support that investment. The sky is the limit for Panda Global and we look forward to being a part of their continued success. said GEICO’s Senior Marketing Manager, Vince Giampietro in the press release.

As GEICO being fairly new to the esports world (and a seemly random company to sponsor a team), we asked Panda Global’s CEO Alan Bunney MD how this partnership came about.

We met GEICO at PAX East where they were sponsoring a Smash tournament we had entered. We chatted about Smash and esports but it was just light talk. Then we met them again at SXSW and we sat together with them in the audience at Five Gods. When our players hit the stage the energy and excitement from the crowd was incredible, and they felt that. From there we kept talking and reached this point!

GEICO and Panda Global have similar ideas and goals for the future. GEICO isn’t just interested in sponsoring us, they want to grow along with us and become something bigger together. And the best part about GEICO is that they actually care about our players! One of the founding principles of Panda Global is to always do right by our players, and to see GEICO echo that sentiment is incredible.

Last week PG announced two other major sponsorships from Twitch and Vertagear as well.

Panda Global currently has teams in Heroes of the Storm, Super Smash Brothers, Street Fighter V, Pokken, Splatoon, and Marvel v. Capcom 3.


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