starcitizenhelp – Paladins Introduces New Champion Androxus, The Godslayer

A new champion was introduced during the Paladin’s Closed Beta patch 18 livestream this week. A slightly tanky champion with some really unusual special abilities, Androxus, The Godslayer is interesting to say the least. He features an Ultimate that allows him to effectively use his arm to fly, while still dealing damage to those on the ground, and his fall rate can be slowed with his passive ability — titled aptly, “Drift.”

Looks-wise, he’s rather dark and carries a pistol that is obviously not normal — it has a mouth.

In addition to the introduction of Androxus, the Paladins team have also added 21 new champion skins, one of which is a Founder’s Pack Exclusive, and a new weapon skin… also exclusive to those with Founder’s Packs. No images are available for these currently, although the dev team does promise to make them available soon.

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