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Are you a StarCraft 2 fan who wants to write about your favourite game? Apply to become a GosuGamers crew member and start building your connections within the industry today.

What will being part of the GosuCrew give you?


  • Experience and exposure in eSports: GosuGamers is a great place to start your career and be published on a platform that reaches millions of viewers worldwide.
  • Contacts with players/team managers and eSports organizations: Build your connections within the industry.
  • Be one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to knowing the breaking news in the scene.
  • A chance to help your local scene grow: StarCraft has been around for a time now and we are always keen to bring the spotlight to new areas and rising stars. If you’re passionate about your local scene, come and tell the world about it!
  • Work with friendly, open-minded people with many years experience in the sector.


Additionally, we’re always happy to help our outstanding volunteers take the next steps along their personal eSports path. We’ll write you a letter of recommendation to reflect the quality of your work, and many crew members have used this opportunity to move on and work for other eSports companies or non-eSports media.


What being part of GosuCrew means/requires?

  • Put down a few hours per week to help out with content/coverage: As all crew members work on voluntary basis, it’s entirely up to them when, how much and with what they want to help. You will be working with your crew leader closely to coordinate some tasks, but most of the time you will set your own tempo.
  • Take initiative and assign tasks to yourself: In continuation of the previous bullet point, we love people who don’t need to be babysat and ordered around (this is not the point anyway). If you want to write an article about an event – go for it. If you want to help the player rankings or interview a pro player – it’s all yours.
  • Use Skype and crew forums to communicate with the crew: our guys are online most of the time, busy not having lives and all…


What kind of people are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate StarCraft 2 fans that want to work in eSports. No direct experience within the industry is necessary, and we will teach you everything there is to know. If you are interested, kindly send an e-mail to with subject “GosuGamers StarCraft2 section application”, including in the body:

Section you’re applying for:
Location/time zone:
Your skype account where we can reach you:
Your end goal working within eSports:
How we can help you reach that goal:

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