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The GSL season 2 semi-finals wrapped up today. Setting up an exciting series for next week’s final.

The 2016 GSL Season 2 semi-finals came to a close tonight with the lone wolf, Byun, defeating Samsung Galaxy’s Dear 4-1. Byun became the first player in the history of Starcraft to reach the finals of a major Korean tournament without playing for a team. His performance was strong and although was put in difficult situation a couple of times, he held on to really outplay Dear with his Marauder micro, picking off units at every chance and slowly building a distance between him and his opponent.

On Wednesday, sOs became the first player to progress into the finals when he defeated SKT’s Myungsik 4-1.

sOs, the two-time world champion, gets a chance to win his first GSL championship against Byun, the teamless Terran who will be playing in his first ever GSL finals. The winner will secure a spot at Blizzcon to compete for the world championship and will be granted the opportunity for further glory.

Both players have a unique style of play and have already had many great series against each other; sOs beat Byun 4-2 to win IEM Taipei back in February, while Byun more recently 2-0’d sOs in the ro16 of this GSL season. With all that being said, this finals should be a very interesting one.

The GSL finals will be played on Saturday September 10th at 5:30PM (KST) following the ASL (Broodwar) finals between Sharp (T) and Shuttle (P) which will start at 2:00pm KST. Both can be viewed on the GSL’s official twitch stream.


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