starcitizenhelp – Ever wanted to change your tag? Now is your chance

With the release of Overwatch, Blizzard is giving everyone one free chance to change their battletag .  Choose wisely!

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When did you first choose your battletag? Two, four, ten years ago? It’s the same battletag for every Blizzard title, so chances are if you ever played WoW, Diablo, or Starcraft 2 when the games first released you have been playing with the same ID for ages.

And with this system, there has always been an awkward moment where players wanted desperately to change their tag but couldn’t. Sure, Blizzard gives you one opportunity to do so, but what happens if you squandered that with an equally disappointing tag? You are stuck. Making a new account is impossible, as all of the goodies, games, skins, heroes, and other things can’t be transferred to a new account.

But now there is hope!

Citing the release of Blizzards newest IP, Overwatch, as a reason to give players the opportunity to create a new battle.tag, Blizzard is renewing the “one chance to change your” rule for every player. Note, you can still only change your existing tag once, so think carefully before you change!

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