starcitizenhelp | Do Blizzard esports need a WESA? Tonight on The Innervated podcast at 21:00 CEST


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Tonight, The Innervated goes beyond the range of Hearthstone and engages in hypothetics about what would the Blizzard esports be if they were bound by a WESA-esque organization.

The founding of WESA in CS:GO has caused huge discussions. The organization led by ESL members in association with seven other teams sounds great on paper but is being met with rigorous backlash from the community, due to lack of transparency and coherence in their mission and goals, among other things.

We’re not going to get deeply involved in the world of CS:GO, but the topic is broad enough to translate it to the world of Blizzard esports where we reside. Does Hearthstone and its cousins need a regulatory body? Who is to preside over it? How can team, player and talent unions be formed and established? How would such organizations operate the competitive Blizzard climate? How is it all different compared to Valve-operated esports like CS:GO? And where should it all start?

Whether you enjoy slinging cards, building alien armies, brawling with your friends or infuriating enemies with Genji, you will find our discussion interesting and relevant to your favorite game. Come join us on Twitch at tonight at 21:00 CEST. Meanwhile, listen to our latest episode below.

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Do you think Blizz esports need a WESA-esque body?

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