starcitizenhelp - Dark versus Solar, the unexpected ZvZ finals

starcitizenhelp – Dark versus Solar, the unexpected ZvZ finals

starcitizenhelp - Dark versus Solar, the unexpected ZvZ finals

SK Telecom’s Dark faces off against Samasung Galaxy’s Solar in the finals of SSL season 2.

Season 2 of the SSL is coming to a close with the Grand Finals. The two players that will be facing off are SK Telecom’s Dark and Samsung Galaxy’s Solar. These two players are both very successful and have been performing well recently. Solar defeated Patience 4-1 to make it to the finals and Dark defeated his teammate, Classic, in what might have been the closest series of all time. VODs for both games will be linked at the bottom.

They are both Zerg players, even though Protoss and Terran players have had a lot more representation in both the GSL and SSL. In fact, Dark and Solar were the only two Zergs to make it to the Group Stages and they both made it to the finals.

Because of the difference in representation, they haven’t had many matches versus Zerg players this season and the ZvZ meta hasn’t been evolving in the pro scene very much. This makes the matchup a lot more interesting, because we cannot be sure what to expect from these two players. Both of these players probably haven’t gotten adequate practice versus Zerg, which might affect the playing field a bit.

Dark is the defending champion of the SSL, defeating Stats last season 4-2. On the other side, Solar is dominant in foreign tournaments, winning 4 premiere tournaments, 3 major tournaments, and 14 minor tournaments. He also placed 3rd in last season’s SSL making him a prime opponent for Dark.

Since they reign supreme in different regions, they haven’t played many games versus each other. They are currently 3-3, Solar taking 2 games in Heart of the Swarm and Dark taking 3 games in Legacy of the Void.

The matches will be held at KBS Sports World Athletic Center #2 on September 11th at 6:30 PM KST, which is 2:30 AM PST, 5:30 AM EST, and 11:30 AM CEST. You can attend the live show for free or watch it live here.

You can watch Solar vs Patience here and Dark vs Classic here. 


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