Community Feedback Update – 28/08 and 01/09 –

.Blizzard explains about what is happening in the test map so far and what is to come

Blizzard posted its Community Feedback Update on August 26th and gave the players some insights about the test map and possible upcoming changes, according to the feedback received. Appreciating the extensive discussion of community members about game characteristics, Blizzard noted that although it is difficult to decide on the strengths and weaknesses of particular choices in the game, they “are exploring ways to have a bit more high-level game representation within the balance testing”. 

The first section the Update focuses on is Infestor and his abilities. Both of his new abilities serve as a way to surprise the enemy before casting a spell. Since, however, Deep Tunnel is very similar to Battlecruiser’s Tactical Jump ability Blizzard is considering removing this one and keeping the burrowing ability.

It is also stated that unless a big percentage of the players disagrees, “a change where the vision radius is reduced on the Adept shades” will be put under testing. Regarding the Banshee Speed Upgrade, Blizzard says it feels quite overwhelming and the community’s feedback is needed on it. The two options considered are either to reduce the speed bonus or to increase the research time to delay when it is available.

A few days ago, a post showed up on Reddit commenting that the new Cyclone bugged on the balance test map. This was mainly attributed to the fact that “it’s doing a lot less dps than it’s supposed to. In game (faster speed) it takes just under 8 seconds (timed via stopwatch) to kill a supply depot (400 hp), and just under 20 seconds to kill a rax (1000 HP), for a dps of ~50. Against an armored target with one base armor the cyclone should be doing 5/.07 ~ 71 dps.” A lot of players seemed to agree and stated that Blizzard should take note of this.

Yesterday, a new Community Feedback Update was posted, and this time it was a relatively short one. Dayvie announced that three balance changes, which have been positively discussed, are now released. There are:

• Banshee’s “Research Hyperflight Rotors” upgrade time increased from 93 to 121.
• Adept Shade vision reduced from 9 to 2.
• Removed the Infestor’s Deep Tunnel ability.

Additionally, two areas are being explored. The first one is Health reduction to Wrap Prism. The second one is about Mech, which is “too strong right now”, as the developer acknowledges. This issue can be approached by many different angles, such as that “the Siege Tank buff may have been slightly too much”, or that too many units overall have been touched.

Despite any notes on bugs, Blizzard seems to be working hard to improve StarCraft and always takes feedback into consideration. Especially the last update points out that Blizzard is open to discussion about the Mech issue and has been hearing feedback related to it.



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