Blizzard releases the Mutation Creation Contest Results on starcitizenhelp

The winning entry of Blizzard’s community mutation contest has been announced.

Over the last month, Blizzard has been inviting the community to think up wacky, fun, or challenging ideas for the game’s co-op mode mutation feature, Blizzard’s favorite 5 were revealed a few weeks ago and public voting began to decide which entry would make it into the full game (a breakdown of these can be found here).

Blizzard recently posted the results of the fan vote and announced that ‘The Injustice League’ (created by user Saito) would be added into the mutator pool in an upcoming patch. ‘The Injustice League’ mutator saw the very heroes who once fought alongside us turn Brutus and now fight for the Fallen One himself. Amon has created clones of the Korprulu sector’s most exceptional warriors to lead and inspire his forces while making our fight against him all that more challenging. As if having to defeat a super-powered military genius every few minutes wasn’t enough, these doppelgangers also buff all allies around them and increase in strength with every iteration of units.

This is the first time that Blizzard has reached out to the players themselves to bring content into the co-op mode and has certainly injected the game with a shot of creativity; Blizzard also gave an honorable mention to RanDian and his ‘Pizza Catastophe’ mutator; which would have you battle not only Amon but also that oh so powerful foe, delivery pizza. The kind of mission where even losing is still winning.

For the full annoucement from Blizzard you can check the post here.


Would you like to see Blizzard reach out to the fans for community created content again in the future?

Of course, I’ve got lots of great ideas to put in the game!

Thank you for voting!

They’re they pros, it’s better that they work on it themselves.

Thank you for voting!

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