Start Here Star Citizen – New Player Guide

Start Here Star Citizen – New Player Guide

According to the Forums, a lot of Ships got changes severely from their stat-pages, for example the Freelancer and Constellation seems to have much weaker weapons on their turrets (unmanned ones on Freelancer) than what they’ve been described to have and the Herald doesnt seem to have any relation to the statpage.

This guide was very useful. I downloaded the game and got into the open universe on my own. But had no idea about the controls so i crashed my ship a couple of times, never figured how to get the jump points up or how to jump xD, Also i didnt figure how to control my guns away from center of screen so i could only fire straight forward.

So all I need to purchase this game is $45? Once I saw the $15,000 completionist package (plus just the fact that there even are packages) I flipped out, thinking that if I ever crashed my ship I’d have to get another $45 to buy a new ship. So everything in the $15,000 package can be acquired for free in game?

I have got a question concerning the hud. In other videos, including some of yours, I have seen a helmet interface that displays information like shield status and weapon grouping that moves around with you as you move your head. For some reason I don’t have that in my super hornet and I just could not find where to turn it on. Would you happen to know how I can do that?

You can earn REC now? Someone should tell CIG that. 2.6.1 feature – REC doesn’t transfer from AC. I’m sure it’ll get fixed in 2.6.2 or sooner – meanwhile – can’t re rent for discount and losing all rented items. Maybe you could use your influences to encourage them to throw out some REC while this is happening or freezing REC assets from what they were at release of 2.6.1 or something. I understand bugs happen – but a bug like this – IDK – I’d think they could help compensate/prevent our losses through it. When my M7 goes – I go to Elite Dangerous or maybe try out Hellion until that’s fixed and I can brace myself to grind for the REC again. Glad that situations like this don’t happen often – and i wouldn’t care if the default ship fits were worth a toss.

Star Citizen Regional Servers Coming Sooner

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games announced today that the game’s regional servers feature is coming out sooner than anticipated. Creator Chris Roberts said in a note today that the release of regional servers is being moved up to Alpha 2.6.1.

Regional servers will allow players to choose a server based on their geographic location. The options include North America, Europe, and Australia. This should, in theory at least, provide an optimal connection. “Once these are running, we’ll be able to run more tests to assess whether more locations will be needed,” Roberts said.


Speaking generally about Alpha 2.6.1, Roberts said the patch is “progressing nicely.”

“There’s still some UI work to complete and stability issues to iron out, but, as you can see in our updated production schedule report, we’re almost ready to get this latest patch into the players’ hands,” Roberts said.

Star Citizen has brought in more than $142 million from its massively successful crowdfunding effort. Parts of the game have been made available but the full title is without a release date.

Gamedev – A Flying Spider Needs a Name

Gamedev – A Flying Spider Needs a Name

I have been following the development probably 2 years before I back, out of all the videos and streams, this stream in particular stands out. The interaction with the stream was on point, the inside look at seeing development in action, the comedy and laid back nature, I could go on and on. The gaming industry needs to see look at this stream and do more of this. This was extremely successful and I look forward to seeing more of this. As far as a name goes I got nothing maybe something along the lines of Ar’thalok. I’m guessing there is more then just one maybe that’s the species name?

We humans have mostly observed them from on high, being that we have not colonized Etos under the Fair Chance Act. The creatures are legendary because the only primary sources on them are from the daring outlaws and poachers that have encountered them on illegal forays to the surface of Etos. The high class, black market purveyors and purchasers of C. etosis chitin call them Etosi Flyers. Most that are familiar with them on a more personal level call them Elephant Skeeters, on account of how they could drain an elephant in one go.

It’s a Gritspitter. Shout out to the Twitch Streamer. But In lore it eats a particular kind of mineral. This mineral when mixed with its stomach acid makes a potent poison which it spits at its prey and enemies.

The Grit is extremely sticky and contains bits of rock. The compound within the rock is a potent numbing agent and once mixed with the stomach acid can be use paralyze/poison its prey from a distance for easy long distance attacks. It’s known to swoop down and grabbing the prey and flying to a high perch to consume its victim.

The stinger also has the unfortunate use of depositing the Gritspitter’s eggs in an unsuspecting victim. The eggs gestation is extremely short once laid and a juvenile gritspitter can emerge from its egg with 1-4 hours after injection in a host body.

Maybe this idea might be used sometime down the road after full release, That way if the developers come up with any other weird creatures in the show, they can be used to create this system. Keep the system secrete and add some extra unknown creatures “insectoids” and make it a future adventure or open mission.

This is probably one of the best show ideas you guys have done. Please do more of these artistic creating happy hour shows rather than you guys playing the game and not really answering questions. This was a great format and it was so good, that I can’t wait to show all of my 3D modeling students this video.

When you create a show like this people want to share it, people love to see things being created before their eyes, to others it’s like a magic show making something like that spider appear out of nothing, from start to finish. Why do you think the Bob Ross shows are so popular as well? Why do people like watching PCs getting built and put together (in real time)? They love seeing the process, what they don’t like is when you quickly fast forward through it all and skim over it.

You don’t have to create one creature or object ever time, you could create a creature spread through multiple happy hours, from start to finish… From concept, to 3D modeling, to rigging, to animation, to texturing, and so on… Heck I could watch a character, creature, or even a ship being 3D modeled throughout multiple happy hours. You could start off where you left off from the last happy hour.

Star Citizen might have competition with this new game

Star Citizen might have competition with this new game

The only competition Star Citizen really has is the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda at this point, and Elite Dangerous perhaps in the long run as it populates its universe with more and more features and game content assets.

But not this game and definitely not NMS. I think this is a nice indie game, but let’s look at game budgets too. Its like saying Kerbals Space Program is a threat to Star Citizen in any way shape or form. Not in the same league.

For every person who complains that all they do is work on new ships, there’s another person who complains that all they do is work on planetary tech. And for all who say that there are many more who complain that all they talk about is guns, or item 2.0, or economies, or whatever. But the fact that everybody always seems to have their own thing “is all they are working on” makes it pretty clear that they are focusing equally heavy on all of the key components.

In case you were not being sarcastic; they are still working on the modules and components, the puzzles are taking shape and some are near completion, but until that puzzle is 90% together, whatever it is we play is a far cry from how the game will look and feel. 3.0 will be like looking a thumbnail of the completed puzzle; it’s a taste of what you’re going to get and until then, judgement is purely skeptical.

What is it with 90% of all these gameplay videos where the players constantly act like 10 year olds and can’t figure out basic things like, “oh I an open hatches to find stuff! Let’s walk past 20 lockers without opening them, constantly ranting that ‘I need to find gear’…” “Oh look, a warp cell, wonder if I by any chance should pick these up and insert them in the holes, shaped like the cells by the warp engine”.

are you talking about SC or hellion? cause i saw planets in SC, not in hellion for now. i am sceptical about hellion cause it seems more like a game trying to jump on the banwagon of SC for some quick easy cash, and i don’t see the actual fun in the game yet. sure it is impressive but impressive dosen’t mean fun. changing each individual components of a ship every minute to keep it flying is not fun IMO.

Absolutely Epic i’m playing star citizen since day one pre alpha and we havent reached that realism yet! im one of the few Idris funders as well so i know what i want from a Space Game like this and this Devs do it the right way ! All this without a multimillion Dollar funding in the back hat off Inspirational! Im not gona miss this Gem for sure! Im wondering what the Glowing planet in the vicinity means maybe our goal to go to and find out what happened there ?

Samnite2142 I understand that completely, and probably should have used a different term than ‘higher level’. By that, I meant they were two games reaching for two very different endings all together.

One game, SC, is reaching for an over arching space sim, with MMO elements such as ‘quests’ (for lack of a better word), as well as an over arching campaign. The other game, Hellion, is reaching solely for, from my understanding, solely a survival and PvP style of gameplay with no over arching campaign, and no other main objective other than expanding a base and killing others.