starcitizenhelp Matchticker introduced to Overwolf app store

GosuGamers have collaborated with Overwolf to bring our comprehensive match ticker to the Overwolf app store.

We at GosuGamers have partnered up with Overwolf to bring our amazing match ticker to the in-game application. The functionality of the application will be much like our Chrome extension with information on the competing teams, the tournament, the game title played and the match schedules. By the very nature of Overwolf’s user interface you will be able view the match ticker both while playing your favourite game, and while browsing or working at your desktop.

The GosuGamers Matchticker is a platform that allows you to view all matches currently taking place, whether you follow Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends or Starcraft 2. On top of this, the app will ensure you never miss a moment by notifying you of upcoming matches in the games you have selected, with a handy single-click link allowing you to go directly to the action from your reminder. It is the easiest way to track multiple matches across various titles that are taking place simultaneously. Additionally, the app has a filter feature that allows you to pick the exact titles that you are interested in following.


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BlizzCon Preliminaries Underway –

Art by: Blizzard Esports

Sixteen of the finest StarCraft players in the world are battling it out for a chance to play in the main event of the WCS 2016 Global Finals taking place at BlizzCon on the 4th and 5th of November.

Though sixteen contenders entered the groupstage this weekend only eight will get the chance to compete for the world championship at the Anaheim Convention Center next week. The competition began on Thursday, where scarcely anyone was surprised to witness Dark and Stats win their matches against PtitDrogo and Snute respectively. Group B saw Neeb take down Patience in a nail biting PvP, whilst Zest beat TRUE, who, despite being a Korean player, secured his spot in the WCS Global Finals through the WCS Circuit, rather than WCS Korea, in a 2:1 PvZ victory. The day ended after PtitDrogo dismantled Snute with a 2:1 score and Patience defeated his countryman TRUE in quick 2:0 fashion.

Day two left the community rather confounded, as the first match of the day proved to be an upset of the biggest proportions. Contrary to all predictions Dear was unable to keep up with ShoWTimE, who beat the Korean favourite with a 2:0 score. The group proceeded without further delay with ByuN dispatching viOLet in convincing fashion and then the latter losing to the Protoss GSL champion in the loser’s match. 
The highly anticipated Group D, dubbed the ‘group of death’ by many, commenced with TY barely managing to take down Nerchio 2:1 and the up-and-coming Zerg Elazer defeating the 5 time premier champion Solar, sending him straight to the loser’s match. The Korean failed to beat Nerchio in the same matchup. The foreign player opened the series with an aggressive build that was based around dealing damage to the economy of Solar, thus putting Nerchio in the lead. The former Samsung Galaxy player’s fate was sealed in game three on Galactic Process, where he was outpositioned by the ESG representative on multiple occasions. Poland is now guaranteed to have one competitor in the round of eight.

The groupstage will resume today at 5:30pm CEST with the winner’s matches of each group, and conclude tomorrow, when the final eight of the tournament is determined.

Star Citizen: Constellation Aquila – Spacedock

Star Citizen: Constellation Aquila - Spacedock

.I have a Cat and a Carrack, I know all the chatter. Still, exploration will be rudimentary at best in 3.0. I still stand by the idris as a great choice for a vid, certainly we will be seeing some wonderful things on that very soon. Also, there is allot out there right now.

Although I don’t have the slightest clue on why did Protogen have any interest in the CIC, to commemorate the losses of the Martian Congressional Republic, I think you should make a showcase of the MCRN Donnager or the Donnager class. Long live Mars!

But by that they would have dramatically decreased the offensive and defensive potential of Mars, and shortened the war, That might have been in the interest of the admirals who started the blockade of mars, but notin the interest of Mao and Dresden who wanted an undisturbed view on the horrors on Eros. A short and decisive battle would have made the chaos shorter.

Also, are Anubis class (guessing) ships so disposable? Launching six at a battleship from a far at full burn to make things nice and visible just in case they can disable the PDCs (6 tubes of flagshipbuster per ship, 36 total, maybe even insufficient against a cruiser without the element of surprise, and unless they have blueprints of the class – with the usual redundancy in mind – railguns are unlikely to do significant damage) and board with an inferior number of marines against the cutting edge martian Goliath V powered armour? Dresden was a sociopath, but not stupid!

There sure is. Three bulkheads. bridge to crew habitation, crew habitation to cargo hold, finally cargo hold to engineering/snub fighter access. It’s a fun ship in the mini persistent universe when you have 3 of your buddies with you and nobody can touch you.

Some idea of seazons in Star Citizen

Some idea of seazons in Star Citizen

GV needs people to play the game, without people there is nothing to do. I myself dont play because there isnt enough people to get into the game at any time and just immediatly have fun (apart from the known bugs and other issues, but i could live with those). I also want to highlight that i have 100 lvl character with stash full of crafting materials, weapons and armors.
Now, my proposal is as follows: why dont we introduce into the game seasons (3-4 months for example) and wipe the servers every new season. It would work more or less like D3 or PoE. My arguments are as follows:

Some idea of seazons in Star Citizen
1. Why do we need those decked out, maxed characters if there is nothing for us to do with them. There is 100 online in peak hours and its still dropping, most of us dont really care about those characters since there is nothing to do with them. You have everything? Great, so what? There is no real incestive for you to log in and play then.
3. There are probably people who doesnt want to play against maxed characters even tho they would like to try the game, it might be discouraging when a party of friends cant defend a location against one maxed dude.
3. Every season would bring people to play with and some nice data for devs for optimization when more people play the game. I assume they dont get much data with things as they are now, the game is too much stagnate.
4. For every season there could be challanges and rankings of some sort to provide people with incentive to start over again (if the possibility to start fresh with larger ammount of people isnt enough). Like the person with the most kills will receive some title on the account in the of of the seaon (or something similar, its just a detail that coul be worked on).
5. At the beginning of every seazon everyone would need recipes, crafting materials, lvls, reputation = there would be a lot of player activity, lots of pvp, people would have a real reason to fight for castles (reciepes, crafting benches) and the game would overall be much more alive. Right now everyone, or 95% of the player base, has everthyng and there is no real incestive to do stuff. The new seaon would bring both old players as new players (especially since it would be included with a major patch),
My thinking is that there is no sense in clinging to one’s character in an alpha game and not wanting the wipes, especially since its been 4 months since steam release – what else could one want to achieve in this game after all this time? With almost no one playing the game? It only makes the dev tream work harder as they have to care about our worthless stashes and materials, instead of focusing entirely on improving the game. As for the new players – it would be much better for them to lose their fairly new character and then to play GV with other people than to keep their meaningless characters and play almost a solo game. To give people some time to adjust to the new change the idea of seasons and the first seazon (with wipe) could be introduced either with the new animation system or some smaller but still significant patch within like 2 months, assuming the annoucement would be made some time soon. And of course the idea of season would apply to the game in alpha/beta stage, not the actual released game.
So yeah, thats the idea more or less. I would like to hear your opinions Smile Cheers.

Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse 2.10 – UK

Star Citizen: Reverse the Verse 2.10 - UK

Procedurally spawned, I think yes. Actually procedurally generated? Absolutely not 😛 You need very specific sounds for very specific things… But the engine does change sound parameters of course such as pitch, bass, etc. depending on proximity; as any AAA-game pretty much does for authenticity.

As I understand from their explanation of it, they’re trying to design their sound controllers to act dynamically with any of their assets in the game so they don’t have to manually adjust all of the audio for countless planets. For example, buildings, vehicles, etc, may all have sound cues attached to them so that when they are exposed to different environments like sandstorms, rain, wind, on whatever planet, it will automatically play and model it to the situation.

It’s going to very interesting to see the Redeemer once they’re done. I followed TNGS during the contest, and while the Redeemer was not my favorite, it IS a very good looking and interesting design. One thing I’ve noticed, in videos and forum comments, is that a lot of people don’t know what those round things on the hull, behind the cockpit, are supposed to be the shield generators. I hope that the Redeemer doesn’t lose that detail.


Apart for Star Citizen the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability

Apart for Star Citizen the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability

So I’ve been looking at this game for quite some time and I have to say – this is very ambitious and currently executed gloriously (apart for the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability as if inertia does not exist but I assume this will be changed in the future being Alpha and all). I have a few questions before I commit to pledging since I’ve been looking at the Avenger Stalker.

Apart for Star Citizen the rather odd spacecraft maneuverability
1. From what I’ve read, you have to buy the game itself (or the ship that you want e.g. Avenger Stalker in my case) starting from 49.55Eur and if you want the single player campaign, that’s another 49.55Eur. Is there any package that would be currently available to buy both of them at perhaps a cheaper price?

2. Being Alpha, I read that wipes are a common occurrence and that’s completely understandable. My question is does this happen to your ship modifications that you make down the line? Is everything susceptible to wipes and what do I usually lose? Is there a chance that I would lose everything and start over without the mods, just the base ship that I got with buying the game? Will there be consistent wipes as the game transissions from Alpha to Beta or will there just be one singular timeline where some things get wiped while others stay as they were?

3. Whenever you first access the game, I assume that’s what everyone calls the “Live” servers which is currently 2.5?


Greetings all. I am a noob about to make the plunge and back the game. The latest update has me intrigued enough to jump in….I think. 🙂

Ideally, I am hoping for a free fly event so I can test out thing now that I have done my research a bit more. I participated in the free fly over the summer but jumped in without reading anything and was thoroughly disappointed. I didn’t know I couldn’t fly the hangar ship, I didn’t know about the PU and how to get to it. All I could do is walk around the city and not do anything. But know that I know better (and more) I am really excited to try it out, knowing full on it is still Alpha.

Anyhow, I have done a lot of reading and watching over the past week or so and have a few questions I can’t find the answers to yet. I am hoping someone here might be able to help me.

1. With a $60 pledge to get both SC and SQ42. If I get the Mustang, as the upgrade charge is less (or more credit then the Aurora); how do I go about upgrading to say the Avenger some day? I think it is buy the CCU with real dollars and then upgrade that way.

2. How soon can I do that? Right away or do I have to wait for a token?

3. Speaking of tokens, I understand I won’t get one until after three months but that clock doesn’t start until January since I just missed the October start of the quarter. So I won’t get a token until March. Correct?

4. On the topic of aUEC, it is only good for personal weapons and clothing today. Can I use the money I earn in game to buy real world credits to upgrade ships with or what good is aUEC? Without spending real world dollars how do I upgrade ships and hard points?

5. While I already created an account for the last go round of free fly, I am going to create another account to get the 5000 credit deal. Do I need to worry about my previous account at all, or will it eventually go away. I understand I cannot get the deal on the old account, only on the new account. Is it worth it if aUEC isn’t much of a big deal right now?

Best Path of Exile ORBS Online Store –

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Best Path of Exile ORBS Online Store -

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starcitizenhelp | The StarCraft ProLeague is discontinued after 14 years on the air

The decline in sponsorship opportunities and match fixing issues are among the culprits for the league’s downfall, says KeSPA chairman.

Since its inception in 2003, the KeSPA ProLeague has grown to become StarCraft’s most prestigious tournament. Employing a team league format, the tournament has been considered the ultimate proving ground for talent and in its glory days gathered beachfuls of spectators watching the finals. The ProLeague saw the creation and rise of team franchises that would become the pillars of the game, including SK Telecom, KT Rolster, CJ Entus and more, and was broadcast on Korea’s biggest TV networks. It was the birthplace of legendary storylines and it was a question of highest pride to help your team to a ProLeague championship.

As of today, this is no more.

In a statement published on, KeSPA chairman Byung-Hun Jun confirmed the discontinuation of the StarCraft ProLeague after 14 seasons. Jun mentions the declining number of teams and players, the difficulty in securing league sponsors and match fixing as some of the issues hindering the maintenance of the tournament.

The match fixing scandals have been of particular detriment to the StarCraft scene and indicative of its decline. In October 2015, twelve StarCraft insiders, including pro players Byeong-Heon “YoDa” Choi and Jong-Hyuk “BboongBboong” Choi, were investigated and subsequently found guilty in match fixing games in Korea’s most prestigious leagues, including the ProLeague. In February of the next year, one of StarCraft 2’s legendary champions Seung-Huyn “Life” Lee was also accused of engaging in the same activity, which led to an 18-month suspended sentence and a fine of over $62,000.

ProLeague’s discontinuation isn’t the only sad news today, as five ProLeague teams, including SKT, KT, Samsung, CJ and MVP have announced the disbandment of their StarCraft 2 squads. Many of these franchises are thus putting an end to a history dating as far back as the early 2000’s and in SK Telecom’s case the disbandment is the final chapter of a StarCraft legacy spanning over six ProLeague titles.

The full statement of KeSPA’s chairman below.

Today, we are announcing the discontinuation of StarCraft ProLeague. StarCraft ProLeague started out in 2003 as the world’s first team-based eSports league and 2016 marked its 14th year, making it the world’s longest-running eSports league.

ProLeague paved the way for many top-tier StarCraft players and served as the bedrock behind Korean pro players becoming the world’s greatest. The league was loved not only by Korean StarCraft fans, but had fans that followed it from all over the world.

ProLeague won the hearts and support of fans through its exhilarating competition and immersive stories. However, behind the excitement, it also had its share of hurdles that we as its organizers had to overcome. We had faced challenges that hindered ProLeague’s operations including the acute drop in global eSports sponsorships in 2008 caused by the global financial crisis, the first case of eSports match-fixing, and declining number of teams.

Despite those challenges, KeSPA made countless efforts to maintain ProLeague. Such efforts include the commissioned management of the eight professional teams to meet the minimum team requirement for ProLeague operations, participation in the EG-TL foreign alliance team, supporting ProLeague participation for teams not owned by companies, selling overseas broadcast rights, and strengthening partnerships with overseas eSports competitions.

As for me, after being appointed as the chairman in 2013, I did my best with the association and its partner companies to improve ProLeague and market conditions. We looked far and near for all possibilities including creating better broadcast conditions and increasing sales of broadcast rights, securing the JinAir Green Wings sponsorship, cooperating with foreign league organizers, and hosting the KeSPA Cup. Thanks to the support of everyone involved, ProLeague was able to continue on through 2016.

However, the drop in the number of ProLeague teams and players, difficulty securing league sponsors, and match fixing issues have made it challenging to maintain ProLeague. As such, KeSPA has come to announce the discontinuation of ProLeague and its operations of the five out of total seven StarCraft professional teams that participated in ProLeague 2016. The decision to put the past 14 years behind us and discontinue ProLeague was a difficult one and it deeply saddens me to have to also bring you the news that KeSPA will be stopping its operations of ProLeague teams.

Although ProLeague has ended, StarCraft will continue to be a globally competitive eSport. StarCraft is one of the world’s best RTS games and is an immersive and exciting eSport to watch as well as play. With its partners, KeSPA will look for ways to support pro-gamers who will be competing in the WCS Global Finals this November as well as continue to seek competition opportunities for local pro-gamers through measures such as expanding the StarCraft KeSPA Cup.

I would like to thank all parties related to KeSPA including the players and coaches, teams, broadcasters, the media, and eSports fans for the passion and support they have shown StarCraft ProLeague. I also express my sincere gratitude to all the league sponsors for their continued support and also to our partner, Blizzard Entertainment, for not only providing us with an exceptional game, but also for the continued support and partnership throughout the years. Without the enthusiasm and contribution of everyone involved, ProLeague would not have been possible.

As mentioned before, KeSPA will strengthen its partnership with its members, game developers, and local/foreign partners to further grow eSports. We hope that StarCraft ProLeague will live on in the memories of its players, fans, and all affiliated parties as an invaluable asset that pioneered the eSports industry and contributed to establishing competitive gaming as a mainstream culture in Korea.

Thank You.


Image credit: Andy18


Is this the end for StarCraft as a major eSport?

Yup, final nail

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No, our love will go on

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Star Citizen’s First-Person View Is Based On Birds

Star Citizen's First-Person View Is Based On Birds

Star Citizen’s first-person view isn’t like other games, where you’re essentially in control of a floating camera. That approach is tried and true, but not wholly realistic. In the preposterously ambitious space game, your view and your body are one-in-the-same, just like in a real human body. Problem: turns out, human bodies have a lot going on.

As we (and now, in a truly mammoth feature, Kotaku UK) have reported on multiple occasions, Star Citizen might be too ambitious for its own good. This could be read as an example of that, or it could be demonstrative of cool, game-changing stuff that comes out of a “jack of all trades, master of the whole damn universe” approach. Time will tell.

Either way, Star Citizen’s first-person camera owes its functionality to birds. Yes, birds.

In a recent developer diary, lead animation engineer Ivo Herzeg explained all the trouble his team’s gone through to shove virtual eyeballs into Star Citizen characters’ faces. First, they tried simply placing a camera on a character’s head, and it was like controlling a bobble head. Each motion of the body caused the view to dart all over the place.

Fun fact: this happens with real human bodies too, but subtle, automatic reactions in the eyes and brain correct for it. When we walk, it’s smooth, like our eyes are luxuriating in pristine slabs of butter. So first, the Star Citizen team added eye stabilization, which is basically counter-rotation of the eyes to make up for motion of the head and body. They did it by putting a focus point in the distance for the camera to stay trained on.

Problem solved? Not entirely. Herzeg said that eliminated about 80 percent of the bouncing. However, eye stabilization alone became troublesome in confined areas (say, on a space station) or strafing in front of walls. Worse, stopping in front of walls produced an ugly bounce back effect, one that definitely doesn’t happen in real life… unless you slam full-force into something. Those issues added up to a lack of realism and a surplus of motion sickness.

“This issue was keeping us busy for a while,” said Herzeg, “so we spent time trying to understand how we humans are doing visual stabilization. It turned out, it’s a pretty complex mental process, and there wasn’t a practical way to get that into our first-person camera.”

Techniques used in real-life handheld cameras didn’t cut it either, so they had to figure out an alternative method. That’s where birds came in.

“We learned that birds, or at least most types of birds, they have a pretty interesting problem,” said Herzeg. “They can’t roll their eyes around the way humans can. That makes it hard for them to keep their vision stable and move their body at the same time.”

“If you can’t keep your vision stable by moving your eyes,” he added, “then the next logical step is to try to do the opposite. Just keep the head stable. And that’s what they do. Birds have long necks, so they just counter-translate the body motions. It’s kind of a camera stabilizer invented by nature.”

In short, this is why Star Citizen’s first-person view doesn’t jolt around like your brain’s trapped in the version of hell that’s just bounce houses for all eternity:

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Update Provides Access to GrimHex Outlaw Base

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 Update Provides Access to GrimHex Outlaw Base

Star Citizen, the much-awaited space game from Wing Commander’s designer Chris Roberts, will have alpha 2.5 update, according Star Citizen Newsletter. Players will be able to explore the Grim HEX outlaw base, fly the community-selected Reliant and try out the brand new Argo shuttle in the upcoming update.

The game has hit a milestone as the biggest crowdfunding video game in the history with about $117,320,000 funded by over 1.4 million backers through both the RSI website and Kickstarter and is still growing at a substantial rate. The crowdfunding began in 2012, and though we’re 4 years later now, I still think we’re I that range. That leads in to the main criticism of the game, that Chris Roberts is delaying Star Citizen endlessly due to feature creep. More and more modules are being added in the game as the time goes go which could make the final product bloated or delay it forever.

Some gamers said that they have kind of lost interest after many delays and some frustrated backers even asked for refunds. There is no confirmed release date for the upcoming update. It seems that Cloud Imperium Games is gearing up to present recent milestones around GamesCom (AUGST 17th) and their own game conference, so I’d expect any announcement regarding content schedule to be made then.