Blizzard announces partnership with Facebook –

Blizzard and Facebook have teamed up to create a more social experience while playing Blizzard games, from Facebook login to in-client streaming.

In a major press release on Monday morning, Blizzard and Facebook announced a partnership that will bring new features to using Facebook technology. This partnership is about giving gamers a more social experience and way to connect while playing games and integrating Facebook live streaming directly into Blizzard games.

The first steps of this process will begin later this month when Blizzard integrates Facebook Login to all Blizzard PC games. This will allow players to create and login to accounts using their Facebook profiles. That’s only the beginning though. As part of a larger focus on this effort Blizzard games will soon feature a “Go Live” option that will allow players to directly stream their games on Facebook.

Blizzard games are best when played with friends, so it’s important to us to provide our players with features and services that make it easy and fun to share their experiences with each other. – Gio Hunt, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations at Blizzard.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard and Facebook have worked together. During Heroes of the Dorm Blizzard streamed collegiate Heroes of the Storm on Facebook, and last week they also used Facebook to livestream an Overwatch launch event. This could be a major move for both Blizzard and Facebook with the massive success livestreaming has become through sites like Twitch.

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Will this livestreaming partnership hurt Twitch?

Yes, tons of people will be streaming through Facebook.

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No, I don’t think people will make the switch from Twitch.

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starcitizenhelp – Team RevolutioN adds SortOf in the StarCraft II roster

Team RevolutioN has been active in the competitive gaming scene for a while now, with StarCraft II, Metal Gear Online, and Super Smash Bros teams. Their most recent addition to the StarCraft II roster is SortOf, who joins alongside Voltz, Zesty, and Ukko, and was announced on Twitter on June 6th.

Rickard “SortOf” Beckman is a Swedish Zerg player, who has been active in the StarCraft II scene for around 5 years as member of Alliance, Team Property, and Team Infused. He is currently ranked #22 on the WCS Circuit, being one of the top European Zerg players and maintaining consistency as a player.

SortOf expressed his happiness at joining Team RevolutioN, as you can see in his statement below, and he looks forward to practicing more and representing his team in upcoming tournaments. 

”I’m happy to have found a new team, and I’m looking forward to represent Team Revolution in future tournaments. I will continue to practice hard and hope to show good results!”


The Manager of Team RevolutioN, Rezwan “Jehuty” Mostofa, stated that SortOf’s performances have been impressive and he looks forward to his contribution to the organisation. 

“We are really impressed with SortOf’s performances without a team, we look forward to SortOf participating this year under our name and showing some great performances. We look forward to what SortOf can bring to our organisation.”

SortOf is expected to participate in all major European LAN events, including DreamHack Summer in Valencia.


Do you expect SortOf to improve as a member of Team RevolutioN?

Yes, a team can always help an individual player improve

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No, I expect him to maintain his current level

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Russia to officially recognise eSports from June 17 on starcitizenhelp

The Russian government has announced it will officially add eSports to the ‘register of sports’ on June 17.

The movement towards global recognition for eSports on an official level took another step today, with Russia announcing that as of the 17th June, 2016, eSports would be officially recognised in the national ‘register of sports’. The nation was actually the first to officially recognise eSports alongside their traditional counterpart, back in 2001, but that was rescinded in 2006 for failing to meet the minimum requirements.

The reason for that removal was the fact that, at the time, eSports was not developed in more than half of the Russian regions, but it is clear today that is no longer the case. Coming on the back of the news last year that billionaire Alisher Usmanov was set to pour $100m into the scene, this is an interesting time for the nation to make this move with headlines full of the doping scandal gripping the more traditional areas of competition.

What impact this will have on the individuals already involved in Russian eSports remains to be seen, but it is the latest in a long line of announcements about petitions to have eSports officially recognised, or simply news of nations doing so. Russia is home to some of the most talented players in the world, and this move should only boost the chances for coming generations to continue the legacy.

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Will government recognition make a difference to eSports in Russia?

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No, talent is what matters

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starcitizenhelp | Do Blizzard esports need a WESA? Tonight on The Innervated podcast at 21:00 CEST


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Tonight, The Innervated goes beyond the range of Hearthstone and engages in hypothetics about what would the Blizzard esports be if they were bound by a WESA-esque organization.

The founding of WESA in CS:GO has caused huge discussions. The organization led by ESL members in association with seven other teams sounds great on paper but is being met with rigorous backlash from the community, due to lack of transparency and coherence in their mission and goals, among other things.

We’re not going to get deeply involved in the world of CS:GO, but the topic is broad enough to translate it to the world of Blizzard esports where we reside. Does Hearthstone and its cousins need a regulatory body? Who is to preside over it? How can team, player and talent unions be formed and established? How would such organizations operate the competitive Blizzard climate? How is it all different compared to Valve-operated esports like CS:GO? And where should it all start?

Whether you enjoy slinging cards, building alien armies, brawling with your friends or infuriating enemies with Genji, you will find our discussion interesting and relevant to your favorite game. Come join us on Twitch at tonight at 21:00 CEST. Meanwhile, listen to our latest episode below.

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Do you think Blizz esports need a WESA-esque body?

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No, these games seem fine on their own

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starcitizenhelp – The WCS heads to DreamHack Valencia

The DreamHack Zowie Open heads to Valencia with a prize pool of $50,000 for Starcraft 2.

A few days have passed since the announcement of the next venue for Starcraft 2’s WCS circuit. With DreamHack ZOWIE Open Valencia being the destination and a combined prize pool of $50,000 – alongside the grand total of 5000 WCS points up for grab– this next stop on this year’s gigantic WCS circuit is sure to be a an epic show of talent. DreamHack Valencia comes to us from July 14th-16th and the tournament prize pool breakdown is as follows:

1st: $16,000 and 1,000 points
2nd: $8,000 and 700 points
3rd/4th: $5,000 and 450 points
5th-8th: $2,000 and 300 points
9th-16th: $1,000 and 150 points

For the format of the tournament there will be 8 players coming through from online qualification while another 88 will be selected from open signups. From these 96, 32 will be pre-seeded into group stage two while the other 64 (all from the open signups) will battle it out in group stage one – where the top 32 will advance to group stage two. From those in group stage two, the top 32 will advance and compete in a single elimination format stage. The group stages are to be played in a dual tournament BO3 format, the single elimination stage is a BO5 while the grand finals will be a BO7.

The 88 positions available for open signups are to be allocated to those who are eligible to participate in the WCS Circuit events and signup. To sign up or check the rules for eligibility you can go here.

Image source: DreamHack Open


Will you be participating in the Open Qualifiers?


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starcitizenhelp – GosuBet May contest winners

starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners

starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners

The GosuBet competition for May is over! These are the winners who split the $100 in G2A gift cards and the state of the art DXRacer gaming chair!

What is GosuBet?

The GosuBet is a non-money betting system available to GosuGamers members. Everyone starts with 50 units of currency and is able to place bets with it, with odds provided for each player or team. Normally, each season lasts one month and at the end of the period, the winner is determined.

To place a bet, just click on a match, select how much you’d like to bet, and on whom. If you ever run out of currency, just click ‘Reset GosuBet’ and you restart from 50.

Gosubet contest – most currency

The rules for the May contest were simple: whoever has the most currency at the end of the month in each section wins a $10 G2A gift card. Additionally, the top three betters with most currency across all GosuGamers sections combined take home a DXRacer Gaming chair (1st place), a $30 G2A gift card (2nd place) and $10 G2A gift card (3rd place). 

The contest could be entered at any time as it is not about quantity betting, meaning anyone can reach the top through a few lucky – or well educated – bets. 

Section-specific winners: $10 G2A gift card

starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners CS:GO winner: Tardicus – 6,213 bullets
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners Dota2 winner: vukhang119 – 14,268 branches
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners HotS winner: Vandhee – 5,282 dubloons
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners HS winner: Finalle – 4,241 dust
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners LoL winner: 8238150 – 3,755 runes
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners SC2 winner: st4vroz – 997 minerals

Winner across all sections: 

starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners vukhang119 – 14,268 total currency – 1x DX Racer Gaming chair
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners Tardicus – 12,202 total currency – $30 G2A gift card
starcitizenhelp - GosuBet May contest winners bonyet_terbang – 10,890 total currency – $10 G2A gift card

Winners will receive a message from a GosuCrew member in which they will be required to reply with further information in order to claim the prizes.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks for participating, everyone. If you missed the chance to test yourself in our previous contest, make sure to participate in our current one!


Are you taking part in our GosuBet contests?


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